Notre Dame WR Deion Walker High School Highlights

Here’s some highlights of Deion Walker similar to the ones I posted of Kyle Rudolph last week. Nothing really earth shattering here, but it does look like Walker is pretty good at the quick hitter plays that Weis used to run to Jeff Samardzija quite a bit.

My favorite part of these highlights, however, is how Walker celebrates his touchdowns. He simply drops the ball and turns around towards his teammates. No hot dogging or taunting or any of the other crap that has become the norm by wide receivers these days.

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  1. I agree that Floyd is to good at WR, and it doesnt matter who you put at RB if the line doesnt block. If we can get the line to block Armando Allen would be able to run past SC’s defense as long as he stays on his feet

  2. I have not heard anything abut Jimmy working out on his own and would be VERY surprised if Weis was giving him any special treatment.

    Any individual workouts for Jimmy are most likely tied to rehabbing his elbow and building his arm strength up since he missed almost all of the off-season conditioning for his arm last year because of the procedure.

  3. I agree Frankie, Floyd will make a great WR. No one is going to out run SC’s defense until we learn to block, need I say where? Further, with all the dropped passes last year we need all the help we can get at WR! Also, we already have plenty of 4.3 speed with the ground game vs WR.

  4. Records shmecords, putting the ball in his hands happens way more than 60% of the time when you’re handing it off. About this talented backfield you speak of, which one is going to outrun the SC defense? You can still get Floyd wide from motion leaving Hughes in the backfield as a legit rush threat/pass blocker.

  5. I doubt we will ever see Floyd lined up as a RB for ND. There’s too much talent at RB for that to ever happen and Floyd is way too talented at WR to ever be moved to another position. Floyd will put up some CRAZY numbers while he’s at ND and could leave with more than a couple receiving records.

  6. I’m just saying, you need to maximize the number playmakers on the field at all times.

    Jimmy Clausen Evan Sharpley Dayne Crist

    Michael Floyd James Aldridge Jonas Gray

    Armando Allen Golden Tate

    Robert Hughes Asaph Schwapp
    Luke Schmidt

    David Grimes George West D.J. Hord Barry Gallup Deion Walker

    Duval Kamara Robby Parris Richard Jackson
    John Goodman

    Will Yeatman Mike Ragone Kyle Rudolph Joseph Fauria

    Sam Young Taylor Dever
    Bartley Webb

    Michael Turkovich
    Eric Olsen Michael Golic

    Chris Stewart
    Trevor Robinson

    RT: Paul Duncan Matt Romine Lane Clelland

    Dan Wenger
    Thomas Bemenderfer
    Braxston Cave

  7. Should be fun watching Deion. I hope he develops into a Rhema McNight type player, but I temper my excitement knowing that Richard Jackson also had a highlight film.

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