Louis Nix, Gangnam Style

In case you haven’t seen it by now, here is the video of Louis Nix entertaining the crowd at last night’s Miami Heat game with a little Gangnam Style.

I’m really not sure if there’s ever been a Notre Dame football player who has been more entertaining and just fun to watch off the field than Big #9.  Oh yeah, Big Lou is pretty much a monster on the field too.

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  1. He is Ziggy Czarobski reincarnated.

    Ziggy died on 7/1/84 He was:

    (1) a great All-American level player
    (2) humorous and garrulous on and off the field
    (3) made fans and players happy
    (4) drove his coach a little bit batty

    Louis was born in July of 1991, a biblical or Vedantic 7 years after
    Ziggy died, to the month!

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