Renaldo Wynn: “I’m Looking for a Leader”

Former Notre Dame All-American and first round NFL Draft pick Renaldo Wynn spoke with the ACC Digital Network in previewing this weekend’s game against Purdue. Wynn is looking for a leader to step up on the defensive side of the ball and hasn’t seen a defense worthy of the hype yet.

Here is the full video courtesy of the ACC Digital Network.

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  1. Look for some surprises this next week. It’s week 3 and both ND and MSU need this win. Sparty has played no one. But this last week gave their offense a rhythm. ND needs to disrupt that. Right at the outset. Play agressive D early with some blitzing. But the LBs and CBs better tackle. We’ll know if this defense is tuned if we see guys flying to the ball. If not then this is the 2011 defense all over again.

    The offense better not get one dimensional. We now have 3 reasonable targets in Jones, Miklas, and Daniels. I would like to see some passing downfield. And I would like to see some play action. Play action only works when you also run the ball effectively. Pass on first down. Run on second down but also mix in action. Use depth both in the backfield nd on the line to wear their defense down. And be patient. ND needs to prepare for a surge in the second half.

    Although Purdue was disappointing, the MSU game should be more like last year. That is if this team finds itself.

  2. simple:

    The rush defense. Let’s get the big stuff out of the way. It was an ugly performance for ND’s front seven, after looking to be one of the toughest challenges for Alabama yet. From the get go, things started poorly and the Tide marched down the field for three straight touchdowns to open the game, with drives of 82, 61 and 80 all but icing the victory. Prior to Monday night, the Irish hadn’t given up a scoring drive longer than 75 yards.

    “They ran the ball effectively. For us, we’ve been able to manage the run game. They were able to run the ball effectively, and then obviously when you do that, it opens up so much of the play‑action game,” Kelly said afterwards.

    The Irish defense was often swallowed by Alabama’s offensive line, unable to shed blocks throughout the night. While Louis Nix played well along the front, contributing five tackles and two TFLs, the rest of the unit struggled, and the Irish just couldn’t stop Alabama when they subbed out their starting three, leading to difficult nights — understandably — for first year players like Sheldon Day, Tony Springmann and reserve Kona Schwenke. When Kapron Lewis-Moore went down with a heart-breaking knee injury, the Tide had already controlled the game, but any chance the Irish could stop the Bama ground game became even less likely.

    Missed tackles were a product of Alabama’s excellent blocking up front, poor angles by guys like Zeke Motta and Matthias Farley, who found themselves having to knife through a crease hoping to trip up a runner, and Manti Te’o trying to fight his way through traffic to make tackles. With all eyes on the Irish’s No. 5, he struggled with the size and blocking of Alabama’s front, unable to get off a block before it was too late.

    With six weeks to break down the Irish’s defensive principles, the Tide created a series of playcalls that looked to expose Bob Diaco’s scheme. After the game, center Barrett Jones discussed the Tide’s counter to what they expected the Irish defense to do.

    “They’re good because they are so simple,” Jones told ESPN’s Ivan Maisel. “But, also, they’re simple. We knew if we had certain shifts, they would get into certain formations that we felt like we would have good runs against. We were right — every play, almost. This is not a flaw in Notre Dame. We watched a lot of film. We had a lot of time to figure out what they did in certain formations.”

    The pass defense. With Notre Dame selling out to stop the run, Alabama offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier had the perfect answer: a devastating playaction passing game. Quarterback AJ McCarron was accurate all night, hitting on 20 of 28 throws, and just missing a few more big completions.

    But McCarron had plenty of help from the Irish secondary, who too often got caught trying to play run support and left gigantic chunks of the field wide open. Just as helpful was Alabama’s tremendous diagnosis of the weak spots in the Irish zone defense, with the Tide continually attacking the deep corners and also having luck on the slants and posts as well.

    The Irish defense’s lack of depth in the secondary had been well hidden by Diaco, Kerry Cooks and Bob Elliott all year. But watching youngsters Farley, Russell and Elijah Shumate do their best in coverage against Alabama’s receiving corps gave you an idea that the youth was finally being served.

  3. Ok how are fans here looking to the next game involving matchups and I will stand by that 27 yards of offense in one quarter is crap.

    1. Ha, I admire that. Tough to tell as MSU hasn’t really been tested, but my guess is that they have a good running game, solid D and a good kicking game. Most likely a 3-7 point game in the 4th with turnovers deciding the outcome.

      1. OK, Ron, why can’t you just keep this persona? This is a truly classy and solid observation and good contribution. We can drop the “village idiot” with good, clean commentary like this. Hopefully you’ll take this as a peace offering in lieu of a beer together and we can start over on a positive note.

        With solid, respectful observations like this all visitors are welcome, regardless of who they root for.

      2. I stand in agreement with SFR. The typical hit and run “jokes” from Burgundy are really stale and annoying.

        This recent post is sets a better standard.

    2. OK Storespook good idea!

      Make some changes in the starting line-up, let the offensive coordinator due his job, rotate the QB’s in and out of the game for a new dynamic and name new team captains (based on Purdue’s performance) for Michigan ST.

      Go Irish!

  4. If the NCAA had any standards, JC, the entire SEC outside Vandy couldn’t field a team. In fact, the entire FBS would consist of the service academies, ND, Stanford, Wisconsin, and a few other programs that are actually concerned about academics and athletics. But the NCAA is as corrupt as Bama and the SEC so nothing will happen. Bama’s time will come and go until the next scumbag power comes along and pays recruits with money, drugs, and whores. Meanwhile at ND student-athletes will be taking legit classes and getting legit degrees while Bama’s grads will eventually end up in jail or on the government dole. Be sure one thing JC, Ron Burgundy will be rooting for whatever scumbags are winning while making stupid remarks on here and begging for us to pay attention to him. Hey, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone as inane as Ron Burgundy.

    1. Amen Rob,

      Maybe the NCAA will slow Bama down hopefully like they did USC. As for our in house ‘Atheist’ Ron Burgundy – Classless – Te’o Hater, his track record here speaks for itself in writing.

  5. Our daunting task right now is to somehow get our mobile QB’s game experience. We will need them at some point against superior defenses to assist TR in gaining a win. Since we are rotating RB’s in and out, I see no reason not to do the same with the QB’s to enhance our offense. We need to do it early with short stints if needed and not get caught with last minute poor planning. I have no problem with TR starting and leading the team with no turnovers, albeit, he will need help winning against superior defenses. Logically, he did indeed help us to 12-0 last year. I now believe we should at least return the favor and attempt help TR this year to a successful season. In doing so, BK must find time for our mobile QB’s to make that happen. QB by committee will be the only way forward this year and it will pay big dividens for next year.

    On another note, I will say, Bama does NOT deserve any of their last three titles if the on going NCAA investigation proves they are cheaters. Further, makes me wonder about the LSU title also.


  6. Green Day,

    What’s your source? I haven’t heard this before. But I wouldn’t doubt it given the way BK seems to lose players left and right. But in the end good ridddance if it’s true. Golson really let his teammates down.

  7. By the way guys, I have to give TR credit for ZERO turnovers and leading the team to a comeback win. Hopefully, TR can indeed throw more 55 yard strikes early and often when needed. Chi town…your up! Your guy Cam did a very good job!

    GooooooooIrish! Beat Michigan St!

  8. fxm,

    Good questions. I think both our lines are underachieving. Can’t explain it. But both units need to step it up big time.

    Cam is a good role player and he’s finding his niche. He’s no Rudy, though. This kid was highly touted coming out of HS.

  9. Anyone else second Ron Burgundy’s second for village idiot?

    I’m glad to see you’re embracing your role in life and on this site. That’s perhaps the smartest thing you’ve ever said here. Perhaps at this rate you can graduate from village idiot to just idiot and really make your teacher proud.

    1. Counselor, I submit the following posts from your alleged fans during the game last night. And you think I am somehow the enemy:

      This defense sucks! If you want your team to look good offensively just play ND.

      Jarrett Grace is God awful

      27 yards of offense in the first quarter, definition of crap.

      I am done watching this pathetic team.

      Get Reese out now. Can someine take the play calling away from Kelly, he sucks.

      No leadership at all. On the sideline. In the booth. On the field. Piss poor team right now. BK is not in control of this team. No one is. It’s a rudderless ship.

      GUTLESS! PATHETIC! This team has no character and even less balls!

      Brian Kelly, Swarbrick and ND admin need to go!!!

      Worst win in the history of the program! Get lost Brian Kelly, you are a horrible head coach!!!

      What a gutless team this is! Can’t even put PU away. Pathetic!

      Go Irish!
      ABC – Musburger – Herbstreit!

      1. And your point is “village idiot”? Perhaps you were watching your real favorite team and didn’t see the first half of the ND game. Or maybe you just don’t really know much of football and thought our D reminded you of the 85 Bears. No, wait, I get it, the local idiot thought our Brian Kelly is Chip Kelly and our O reminded him of Oregon’s. Anyone else confusing TR with Marcus Mariotta?

        You see, Ron Burgundy, some of us here are really ND fans and not pretenders. Some of us here know when we’re seeing good football and when we’re not. We are aren’t delusional or idiots.

        So whatever point you’re trying to make is as usual lame.

        But nice try village idiot, try again harder next time. You still have time to prove your teacher right. We enjoy calling your stupidity out.

        Ya’ll come back now, ya hear. Isn’t that what your inbred relatives among the Crimson Turd fans say?

      2. My point is I love you guys. I like your style, your moves, when this is all over we should think about starting up our own blog.

        Perhaps the 3 amigos. Get together, have a few beers, have a few laughs. Then we put on our favorite cologne and hit the town. Personally, I go with Sex Panther. It’s made with real bits of panther so you know it’s good. They’ve done studies, 60% of the time it works every time.

        Until then, you stay classy.

      3. Burgundy,

        Stop flattering yourself, you’re one sick maladroit.
        You need treatments for your satirical racist hate mongering. Your ignorant fortitude is well on display here. Please, more of your dolt shock-n-awe “Low Information” profile. Tell us how you really feel. Mr. Classless – Te’o Hater!

  10. BTW, Ron, JC, me, or anyone else here could crush you intellectually all by ourselves. So there really is no need for alliances or side kicks. Just further humiliation of the village idiot, Ron Burgundy, that’s all. So stay tuned or not, it’s up to you. The beatings of Ron will take place regardless if you elect to continue to posture, pose, and insult our intelligence with your inane drivel.

  11. Self-delusional there, Ron? Guess what, your teacher was half right. You’re less than nothing. Being a closet Bama fan troll qualifies you for loser, less than nothing status.

    Come back to make a fool of yourself anytime, Ron Burgundy. Every village needs its idiot. I vote for you! “Ron Burgundy for UHND village idiot”.

      1. Third,

        In Ron Burgundy’s case: “Ignorance is dangerous and stupid is forever!”

        What about it Classless Ron Burgundy – Te’o Hater.

  12. Gents,
    Look at the defensive line play in this game. I say they all did quite well. Where were the linebackers to fill the gaps when Nix and company were double teamed?

    1. C-Dog,

      Who was the USC agitator 5-6 years ago sword fighting with you when Kyle hit the delete button on him? Hahaha!

      Classless Ron the Te’o Hater reminds me of him.

      1. JC,
        I am getting old and cannot remember. Like so many trolls who came to our house, his 15 minutes of fame were up and he crawled back under his rock.
        Shazamrock can help me with our friend Robert ??? who most likely was in the last stages of dribbling in his Cheerios. And then there was the Fool, Angry Eagle. That guy was a clown.
        What is sad is that outsiders think this is a bunch of fans slapping each other on the back with grand delusions. I like that the group is by and large, very realistic and very analytical.

  13. I think ND can make that happen on NBC broadcasts. I don’t understand why the ND administration doesn’t simply say we want an Aaron Taylor doing the color. I happen to like the new play-by-play guy, but then again I think I’d take Satan over Hammonds. Talk about a guy having audible orgasms at the first sign of ND struggles! The best nuetral color man NBC had for ND games was Todd Christiansen, the old Oakland Raiders TE. Christiansen was knowledgable of the game, bright, and very well-spoken. Went along nicely with the ND reputation. I think I recall the late Bill Walsh doing some color on our games. Am I recalling correctly?

    1. Is this supposed to be funny? I’m telling you this Ron Burgundy is the same Bama troll who was here last season before the NC game bringing up this same crap. He’s now fooled some of you into believing he’s a ND fan. He’s a witless troll.

      1. What was that…eh Ron? I agree with steelfan, you have had a free ride here long enough. You want to make fun of Te’o pal. OK, how about we make fun you every time you open your mouth. Especially, when you attack bj a real ND fan you know nothing about.

        You want to continue the slap-stick mockery. We reserve the same latitude on our Mr. Classy! (You moron)

      2. You, know JC, you and I have had our tiffs in the past but I respect that you stand up for ND. Thanks for supporting the cause against this troll. I don’t know if he’s just a loser is doing somekind of sophmoric sociology experiment on us, but he’s trying to rewrite history. This is the same troll who came on here before the NC game and talked all kind of garbage against Manti and ND. Then he comes back this season and lo and behold he claims to be a ND fan. What?!

        Also, llok over all his posts. Not a single substantive contributrion. It’s always somekind of snide remark about something one of us writes. I’m sure he thinks he’s very witty and smart. But of course he just comes across as desperately lonely and pathetic.

        Ironically, the last thing I think about associated with Ron Burgundy is class.

        But stay classy, Ron Burgundy!

        Good work JC!

      3. Awesome, it’s like you guys are forming a super hero alliance to take down the evil of UHND. And my grammar school teacher said id never amount to anything. Only question is who will be the sidekick.

        Will it be JC and the Steeler fan or Steeler Rob and the anointed one?

        Keep me posted, but in the meantime you stay classy.

      4. Abject ignorance rear’s it’s ugly head again. Sorry, Ron we can’t fix stupid in your case. However, we plan to show case how poor your acrimonious debate skills are.
        However, it is America and you have the right to shoot yourself in the foot. Don’t you just love the choice factor. Or you definitely know where the exit door is. Yes indeed, it is your choice Mr.Classless Te’o Hater!


      5. Definitely want to say I’m a fan of Te’o. But you have to admit even at this point he and his buddies are having a good laugh about all of that at this point.

        Still googling capeshe.

      6. Ron Burgundy,

        Google somemore on your: ‘cognitive dissonance disorder.’

        Ron Burgundy – Classless – Te’o Hater.

  14. It’s not the Dline that’s the problem its covering the short passing game. I like the fact that I saw a better attention to containment, but the short drags and slants are killing this defense. Diaco needs to get the linebackers to read and drop into the slant lanes better. Teams are getting rid of the football quickly to neutralize the rush.

    Tommy showed us something. He threw a 55 yard pass in the air and they need more if that to loosen up defense. Tommy early was putting a little too much mustard on the ball early. I think Kelly has found his grinding back and its Can the Man! He gets stitches and comes back into the game. I saw some good things and some things that need work. Teams are attacking ND’s weakness which is covering the quick pass. It better get cleaned up!

    1. Jack, That’s what the zone blitz scheme from the 3-4 was designed to take away. Dick LeBeau created it to deal with the run-and-shoot and West-Coast Os from back in the day with their short drops and quick releases. In this scheme you don’t know which LBs are dogging and which Dlinemen are dropping into pass lanes. Granted this scheme is a bit stale now, but I think Diaco can use it more often to mix things up. After all, we have better athletes at DE than we do at LB, esp. inside LB. Just a thought.

      1. Steelfan,

        I agree with your analysis but the inside linebackers need to drop better and disrupt the crossing and slant routs. I would love to see Shumate play that hybrid like Slaughter did.

      2. You’re absolutely correct. What I’m talking about is sometimes giving the O a different look on D. You’re idea about Shumate or Redfield is well taken. That’s what I’m talking about. Different looks and different sets with different players.

  15. It’s unimaginable the Akron Zips losing only by 4 to Michigan and Purdue losing only by 7 to Notre Dame. Neither Michigan or Notre Dame should be ranked at this juncture.

    1. I agree. Take last week’s pimping by ESPN/ABC away and you have an interesting game by two not so impressive teams. Michigan is over hyped and ND is not what we hoped for. They are back in 2011 form without the massive turnovers. Look at tackling from the linebackers and CB’s. and it looks like the offseason was pretty comfortable.

      I am less than impressed and concerened that the staff can take this team all the way.

  16. Now as a side note since I have ranted enough about team concerns it would be refreshing if we could get an announcing crew that was a little more less biased in rooting against the Irish. He’ll we get enough of that crap from the NBC crew let alone having to listen to Mushburgerhead and Kirkyboy on ABC. I thought Mushburgerhead was going to have an orgasm at times in his glee about ND’s struggle. Oh well, I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon.

    Let’s Go Irish

  17. I’m glad to see “brandon” and “ndfaninmonterey” working themselves back to the center with the rest of us. Both have made some very keen observations above.

    Call me overly optimistic, but I think if BK opens up the playbook a bit and gives TR a chance to throw more on first down and throw more deep balls, I think we can score more points. Plus it’s clear Cam needs to be our leader by example. He should be, if not the starter, then the short-yardage-goalline-thirdown-and game closer back. The others can take whatever is left over. So much talent at RB this year and in the past and yet we can never seem to find the home-run hitter you see on so many other teams. It’s frustrating.

    I don’t know what to do about the D short of benching Tuitt to send a statement. But that’s a risky move for a coach that doesn’t seem to have control of his team now. Perhaps Diaco can toy with a hybrid 3-4/4-3 and see if can confuse the opposing QB. Besides I haven’t seen much zone blitzes which the 3-4 is ideal for and we have the ends for. That can take away some of those quick slants teams are hitting on us esp. on 3rd downs.

    I’ll go out on a limb and say the Purdue game was a positive turning point that this team will learn from and build on. I still think 9-3 is doable. 10-2 would be great. 11-1 would be ideal (but unrealistic).

    Go Irish!

      1. You were spot on, “ndfaninmonterey”. I love a power running game as a Steelers fan. Sadly, neither the Stillers nor the Irish seem to have the O lines or backs for it, with the exception of Cam. FBs are a dying breed with these spread attacks. But I love what Stanford and Bama do with their power sets. Perhaps it’s no coincidence both teams have been so good for so long running pro-style, power running games.

      2. But Rob, Why do we have an offensive line that averages 310 lbs. but play like the old denver broncos finesse 265 lb’ers. Then we play retarded bend but don’t break D keeping a bunch 320 D linemen on the field all day. How come Wisconsin can just line up and blow people off the line? And finally, I like CAm as much as anybody, but come on, is that really the best we can do. Lets save Rudy for nostalgia.

    1. I don’t think its the dline Thats the problem. LB’S need to drop better into the slant lanes. I agree that Can the Man needs to be in there to grinx out games. I will point out one play that if Tommy doesn’t muscle it and Troy holds on its a different game in the first half. That would be the seem route Troy just missed. Tommy put more touch on the ball in the second half and that is why they won.

  18. Only one football player on this team that is very clear and he wears two 3’s on his chest that is football texas style ladies and gentlemen (although not knocking gb) he beat the piss out of two or three defenders for a couple yards and 4 yards after contact thanks to the o line give him the ball more

  19. and we clearly have no leadership on defense. Tuitt is greatly overrated and it looks like he’s not even trying half the time I watch him. He thinks he’s better than he is. I miss T’eo 🙁 lol

  20. I know why we have trouble running the ball! Look at the highlights from last night. The running back is handed the ball too far from the line of scrimmage. Therefore, the defense has time to come up and fills the holes. Also, this means that the linemen have to hold their blocks for too long. It is similar to a draw play where the linemen have to hold their blocks for a long time. I suggest that the qb play under center, hand the ball off immediately to the running back and we use a fullback. Power football!

  21. All I was saying is that the season is young so I’m not going to judge the whole season or say fire Brian Kelly just because we barely beat Purdue. Fact is were 2-1 and that’s it. Sure, if we go 6-6 then talk to me, but if we go 9-3 with Rees then I think that’s a good job, because Rees is extremely limited in what he can do. I lowered my expectations greatly when I found out about Golson. This would have been the year Golson would have made strides. Also, can we please give the ball to Greg Bryant?

    1. It doesn’t matter who we hand the ball off to. Look at my comment below. Tell me what you think. Also, Rees is a good qb. We don’t call good plays for him. Where were throws to the tight end? Whre are three tight end sets? Where are slants? Why are we not throwing deep more? He can throw the ball deep. Horrible play calling!

      1. we did throw to the tight ends a couple times in the first half if you noticed, nicklaus might have stone hands cuz he dropped em both

  22. Before the season started, even with the untimely loss of Golson, I thought the Irish could be a 9 or 10 game winner and possibly return to a BCS bowl. After watching 3 games I need to reevaluate my prediction. Poor defensive play. a predictable and unproductive offense, and seemingly no emergence of real leadership all concern me greatly. Unless something significantly changes I see this team winning 7 games, which is extremely disappointing.

    Couple of quick observations:

    1. Rees is limited and their offense to far too predictable with him at quarterback. This has always been the case. I would really like to see Hendrix play some – his athletic ability better suits what they want to do on offense and I really believe they would benefit by his play.

    2. Playcalling has been terrible. Once they opened it up a little bit in the fourth quarter they had some success. Why not throw the ball downfield some throughout the game? This will undoubtably open up the run game. We saw this last night.

    3. Play Cam McDaniel more. He plays hard and gives them a dimension they need – a physical, tough runner. He came up big last night. They don’t win last night’s game without him.

    I hope my prediction is wrong, I hope they work something out but I haven’t seen any evidence of that yet.

  23. The only satisfying thing last night is the Irish had more points in the end. As a e is something more amiss going on with long time fan, I expected a lot more from this team than what has been shown. I won’t call for BK’s head but he has some answering to account for also. I agree with SFB the time for “waiting to play better next time (fill in the blank)” should be out the freaking door. It’s year 4 either some consistency for winning starts to be maintained or its time to evaluate a new program strategy. The past legendary ND coaches won NC’s in their 3rd year. Kelly had that opportunitye and instead looked at the NFL and had the Teo issue and promptly got his ass kicked. I said then and say now, BK will not win a NC at ND. He has improved recruiting but yet we lost some of them for more reasons than we think we know. That is concerning and I believe there is something amiss going on with the team and staff than what we are even aware of. I could be wrong but that is what I feel. The fair hair wonder boy is not it. The offense is built for a faster QB than TR. Even though his stats were ok, he had his struggles to move the team. Without that INT TD return we may have been in OT. I miss the days with Lou. I didn’t feel like I had bite my lip against teams we should have beat. The season may be a long one. We have opponents who are looking to kick our rear ends because of last year. After 4 years, I really expected the offensive side to be in much better shape. It’s not. There is a lot to genuinely critique about the program right now. I expect more and for the money being paid, that expectation is not misplaced.

    Let’s go Irish

    Where was GB and TF

    1. “you know that cam mc daniel is a tough runner.” we wouldn’t want to promote the idea that he actually might have some talent.

  24. there is no defense, 41, 6, 40, 24 pts given up in the last four games, diaco is not bcs material, kelly needs to get him some help, at least he wont be in demand anywhere else after these results, who is the defensive coach for oregon?, those guys are bcs material, they better start practicing for stanford, god protect us, glad we came home without another loss

  25. BK at this weeks post-game. Well today was a good win against an In State rival that historically has given ND fits over the years (see Ara P 5 losses in 11 yrs of his TOTAL of only 17 in his career. Tommy did a “great job” for us in the second half getting us into a rhythm and our Defense began getting some key stops. Once again we made a “COUPLE” of mistakes both mental and physical in the first half but were able to regroup at half-time and put it together in the second half. At ND we expect every opponent each week to make us their Game of the Year and of course Purdue did etc, etc, etc. We’re happy to get out of here with a “GOOD ROAD WIN vs a Quality opponent” Stop me if you ND fans have heard this before. Reality time. The only game on the remaining schedule I think we can win is vs Air Force (Navy currently undefeated and rest of schedule is competitive vs most opponents so on current form should put up 40+ on us and hold Turnover and company to under 30. Defensive line could blitz 9 and still not record a sack. Secondary could not keep Massa under 300yds passing and he has been a receiver for last 2yrs. Running game with the exception of McDaniels is NON-EXISTANT BECAUSE WITH REES AS QB THEY CAN STACK THE BOX WITH 8 MAN FRONTS ALL THE TIME. Award for BK best play call of the game: Calling Ree’s number on a QB sneak in second half on 3rd and 1 and re turns his back when running into the line and with a generous spot picks it up. Guess Hendrix still cannot grasp the QB sneak play yet after 4 yrs as a Pre-Med major. Imagine all the stats the running backs and receivers will leave on the field this year with Turnover bumbling his way through 9 more of these performances. Everett Golson has a lot to answer for.

    1. I was at the Stanford game in 2011. Hendrix was god awful. Qb rating of 20. 17 rushes for 20yards. Stanford wasn’t even top 25 def. Stanford didn’t respect his arm at all cause he couldn’t throw straight.

  26. There are 2 extremes here. “ndfaninmonterey” would have us fire the coach that took us to a NC game after just 3 weeks. “Brandon” would have us believe we should throw a ticker tape parade to celebrate our great ROAD WIN (his caps) against Purdue. I trust most of us here can make our way past both extremes and see things more realistically.

    This was a win. Not a good win much less a great one. But it’s still a win. Better an ugly win than a moral victory.

    Having said that, anybody who can’t see this team is struggling is blind, stupid, or both. BK needs to get a hold of his team and deman better of himself, his staff, and the players. The buck stops at BK’s desk, as well it should given what he’s paid.

    I don’t want to hear crazed calls for BK’s head. But enough, please, of the excue making and the wait til next week, and next week, and the week after that talk. Last time I checked the Irish play in Knute Rockne Stadium, not at Wrigley Field.

  27. Wait til next week…. Wait til next year…. Wait til next decade…. Wait til the next millennium….

    That’s the biggest, saddest, loser’s excuse and lines you’ll ever hear. I guess we’re all supposed to be Cubs fans now.

    Bama had a big road win, Brandon.That’s a big away win. Against a top ranked opponent, with a Heisman winning QB. But you’ll settle for barely beating the Boilermakers!

    I’ll say this til kingdom come, with “fans” like this who needs the haters. These people will always make excuses for mediocrity. Charlie Weis could still be coaching this team to 6-6 or worse records and we’d be hearing excuses from the same lot of apologists saying wait til next week or next year or next millinnia.

    Sadly, what’s truly ridiculous is how little some people who call themselves ND fans have to to expect from the Irish. What’s ridiculous is settling for mediocrity and worse yet making excuses for it.

    1. You are absolutely right SFR. Especially in year 4 of the BK era it’s time to move on that mentality of “let’s wait for next week or whenever” and demand it starts NOW!

  28. this team plays like it THINKS its good. to show how good they are fordham beat temple today.

    i’m hoping that last drive wakes them up so they realize they have to play HARD.

  29. lol some of you are ridiculous. we did not play well, but still came out with a ROAD WIN. I’ll take it and i’ll wait to see us play much better next week.

    1. i somewhat agree Brandon, but the problem is, i feel like we’ve all been waiting to see us “play much better next week” for a few weeks now. after a bit it stops being a fluke and starts being reality.
      + the schedules only gonna get harder.

      and you’ve got to admit, is has become an alarming trend that under BK we tend to play down to our competition.

  30. Wow, Brian Kelly and Mack Brown should go out for beers and watch Michigan eek out a victory over Akron on Sportcenter. What a sad state of affairs.

      1. At least he’s a real ND fan instead of a poser-fake- troll like you, Ron Burgundy.

        Go cheer on the rapists and drug peddlers in the SEC. Seems more like your style.Pimp out any of your co-eds lately, Ron?

  31. Dear Mr. Chi town,
    If I’ve ever given you crap for being the president of the Cam fan club, I apologize. That little dude is one tough SOB.

    1. Cam has to be the undisputed rb at this point. I was watching part of the game from a distance while it was on in the bosses office. Looked like Cam got cut on the head after his helmet came off and he was bleeding. Then they put a brandade on, he went back in, and moved the chains. Run Cam Run! I’m happy with the win but boy was it ugly.

  32. No style points. So don’t be surprised to see this team drop in the polls again for the third straight week. Play like this again next week and MSU will win.

  33. What a gutless team this is! Can’t even put PU away. Pathetic!

    Herbstreit and Mussberger have hope once more.

    Now we find out for real whether this team has any balls.

    Winners (e.g., Bama) find ways to win. One week it’s D and STs. Next week it’s the O.

    Losers find ways to lose. One week it’s the D. Next week is the O.

    Let’s put this game away with a long scoring drive. Live to fight another day and hopefully learn from a hard faught win. Better to learn from a win than a loss.

    Then we lose the ball!!! Unbelievable!!!

    1. Why did go away from the long pass? They can’t defend it! Oh right, we went away from the pass because Brian Kelly does not a killer instinct and can’t coach!!!

  34. No need to eat crow, fxm. BJ can’t cover deep. As we just saw. Why not take the PI instead of give up the big pass completion? Poor awareness = poor coaching.

  35. Now we see if this team can enjoy prosperity and show killer instincts.

    Anyone notice how somber Herstreit and Mussberger have become?!

  36. I’m just hoping Oregon doesn’t do its annual choke job and get’s to play Bama. I think they’re the only team that can beat them and end Saban’s reign of terror. Plus knowing our luck somehow we’ll end up playing the Ducks if they choke and get destroyed again in a bowl game.

  37. OK. Another chance for our coverage team and D to get us the ball back. I’m not holding my breath. But perhaps we’ll all be pleasantly surprised. Let’s hope!

    Go Irish!

  38. Win or loose, Brian Kelly has got to go and we need to stop giving head coaches contract extensions before their original contract expires! I don’t care if Kelly interviewed with the Eagles. He said ND was his dream job. That means, you are not going to leave your dream job no matter what! Screw you Brian Kelly!

  39. I really hope ND comes back and wins, even if by one point. I’ll take it.

    What I won’t take will be the apologists who will come out from under their respective rocks and tell the rest of us we should calm down or put on some rose-colored glasses. Cowards always play the results. That’s why you don’t hear from them in-game.

    Win or lose this team is not very good right now.

    1. Ndfan
      You must be drinking heavily like I was last week lol although I agree with all your posts bk had a lucky year and got a nice raise I really really hope they dont win more than 8 or 9 games I would really hate to see this match up against bcs teams

  40. Obviously not! I’m not sure what this staff knows or doesn’t right now. I don’t think BK has forgotten how to coach or call plays since he left Cinci. But perhaps he’s gotten too full of himself. As for Diaco, one year wonder boy.

    1. was he this (seemingly to me at least) terrible @ motivating the guys at the starts of games at his previous stops?

      i mean i feel like almost every single time we’ve played an inferior opponent under BK they consistently come out and play with more emotion / fire

  41. The coach for Purdue said at half the Irish were predictable on offense. Brian Kelly you suck, Jack Swarbrick you suck and ND administration you suck. This school really needs a wake up call to realize they are not what they were. Unfortunately I get to go to Dallas and watch this mess live. I will probably leave by half time

  42. Imagine how much worse it will be if we go 6-6 or worse! make no mistake about it, if ND goes 6-6 or worse, very possible the way this team looks right now, then we’ll lose almost all of this good class, which was much better but has already losy key recruits.

  43. GUTLESS! PATHETIC! This team has no character and even less balls!

    Right now it’s about somehow winning enough to not lose any more recruits. We won’t win with 2 or 3 star recruits when this staff can’t win with 4 and 5 star players.

    BK has this season and next to show that last year wasn’t a fluke. Right no last year looks like the exception to his mediocrity and this program’s for almost 2 decades.

    If we can’t consistently play at a high level give it up and join the Ivy League!

  44. So much for the D showing up. Also why do we even have a ST. This is a nowhere team. Win or lose this is a bad team. Period!

  45. Well tied at 10 this is really nothing to be thrilled about. I am in my lazy boy and I will let the cold ones flow at this point. This is looking like Davie-Willingham-Weiss years. I have no desire to critique anymore tonight. Either they win or lose to a team they should have no business losing to.

    Go Irish

  46. I would not want to play for Brian Kelly. The players bailed him out all last year. Brian Kelly’s ego is as big as Charlie Weis’s ego.

  47. Brian Kelly is not a motivator nor does he congratulate the players when they do something good; All he does is yell at them when they do something wrong or bad.

  48. It’s like a lot of dominos falling since the NC game from January. I think if Golson had not let down this team it would have had a lot different feel. The fair hair wonder boy just is not it and the D just isn’t getting on field leadership and the coaching staff seem a little oblivious. Disappointment and how this season will affect recruiting is concerning.

  49. JC,

    This team has been so painful to watch for so long now, even when winning, that I don’t even remember feeling confident about any game. Last year I forgot about some of that angst at time. Then came the NC game and all those old feelings resurfaced. Even in beating Temple this team this year looks so muck like the TW and CW teams it’s scary. God I hope this team wakes up the echoes and comes out swinging.

    Go Irish! Time to man up!

    1. Amen Rob,

      Total Chaos with the lack of any leadership whatsoever. With this circus we are out of the rankings regardless of what the final score will be. OK, back in the lazy chair….I’ll try not to fall asleep.

  50. Bad case of FUBAR, BK must have been sleeping with his new pay stubs for two games. Bama would have ate TR for lunch today. I wonder what kind of panic attack will come next? Pass on 4th & 1? The Misery index is off the chart today! Herb and Brett are making Purdue National Champions.

  51. If you don’t think recruiting counts look at Bama. Of course ND can’t even think of going after half of these illiterates and thugs. Thus we better get all the ones that we can go after and keep them all! Sadly I think this year and next we’re going to really feel the loss of a lot of talented D recruits. D wins titles. Think about a D next year featuring Darby and Shepherd at CBs, Anzalone in the middle, and Vanderdoes either in the middle at DE. That to go along with the young talent we have. Speed, skill, talent. ND needs so much of it to even keep close to the top dogs in the SEC, FSU, Oregon, etc.

    1. First of all half the guys that play at this’d universities couldn’t get into ND. Second Shepard isn’t even playing for a d1 team. Vanderdoes didn’t impress me today

  52. We are seeing what we have always seen by the fair hair wonder boy led offense. Oh a FG versus a TD in the red zone. There is something more going on with this team than what we know though we can suspect what it may be. You are not going to convince me that PU has better athletes but damn this is like years in past where crap teams play like they’re juggernauts when they play ND.

  53. Better worr about everything now, Jack. It’s clear to me that we need every great recruit we can get and we need to keep them all.

  54. No leadership at all. On the sideline. In the booth. On the field. Piss poor team right now. BK is not in control of this team. No one is. It’s a rudderless ship. At this rate ND will not beat anyone on their schedule. It may be time to go for it all and play the rookie QB and let the consequences be damned. The TR era is coming to an end anyway.

    Let’s heare from the BK apologists now.

    This is a key game for BK and ND. Not only for this season but for the future. We could lose a top recruiting class with this kind of effort for a whole season. Clearly we need more talent not less.

    Right now I’ll settle for a one point comeback win.

  55. Get Reese out now. Can someine take the play calling away from Kelly, he sucks. What couldn’t we have gotten theother Kelly!

  56. Can someone please tell me why we turn every team we play into a top-10 team with an all-american quarterback? This effort is absolutely embarrassing. Purdue has nothing and they are dominating us in every phase of the game. Wow! Predictable and inept on offense and slow on defense – no leadership anywhere.

  57. I am done watching this pathetic team. I am so happy we signed Kelly for five more years. Disco is horrible and Chuck Martin will be gone after this year. They will be 3-9 this year. ASU is going to score over 80 on them. Can’t wait to see that live. I am so pissed if I watch this game I will smash everything in my house. HORRIBLE! i

  58. Does this team want to play competitive football this year? There is something amiss somewhere. Maybe we’re just not as good as we would hope. This team needs to pull its head out of its ass right now. Purdue is showing they are WAY MORE hungry to want this game.

  59. Definitely agree there is an issue of on-field leadership or lack of for the better word, especially on the defensive side of the ball. I would also submit that there is an issue of some leadership from the coaching staff. If the game becomes out of hand, I hope some backups get some extended time to play.

    Go Irish

    1. Ah come on Storespook,

      I thought you were a pass happy guy who likes to pass on every 3rd and 2! Just make it automatic and we would not need a offensive coaching staff! Look at the money we would save. Hahaha!


  60. I’m looking for an efficient ‘LEADER’ who takes care of the ball, and does not throw interceptions that abruptly change the dynamics of the game.


  61. Someone needs to tell the ND secondary that when a blitz is on they should be jamming their receivers or at least picking them up off the LOS. On that final TD pass Gardner just let it go as he was about to be hit and the guy was cutting in front of the ND defender and PRESTO touchdown when if he had jammed him at the line or played in front it may have been a pick 6 for us and game over for a win. Diaco always takes the attitude we’ll just let them get small ydge over 10-12 play drives and then like LAST yr we will get Really Tough in the Red Zone. Earth to Diaco this is not last years Defense and they don’t look like stopping anyone in the red zone. If we couldn’t contain Temple’s QB playing his first ever college game how do you think we will go vs BYU’s QB who rushed for 300yds vs Texas ALL BY HIMSELF IN THEIR 550yds of TOTAL RUSHING. It is gonna be a long season me thinks.

    1. Please let Diaco know this spellbinding earth shattering information you have uncovered. Please, more details and strategy. I’m guessing the national assistant coach of the year for the entire country could learn a few things from the train.

      1. By the beard of Zeus, that hurt! That got out of hand in a hurry.

        Gotta keep your head on a swivel on this board.

        You stay classy UHND.

      2. Hey Ron your smarter then your posts generally reflect. Judging by the “majority” of comments on this page it would seem the “national asst. coach of the year” needs to get to work and maybe stop reading his press clippings. Akron just embarrassed MU with over 400 yds and 21 first downs and went within a whisker of defeating the Mighty Wolverines “juggernaut”. From memory Akron was about the third worst program in Div One f/ball last year. So how does that make ND’s defense look under Diaco THIS YEAR??

  62. I didn’t find the pass defense particularly horrible, but it was subpar in tackling and jamming the receivers in man coverage and in cover-2. I do think Diaco relied on the zone blitz a little too much in trying to contain Gardner, which created a lot of holes in the secondary. The secondary was easily exposed when these blitzes hardly ever pressured the QB, and when they did, they couldn’t contain the scramble except for that boneheaded pick six by Gardner. Te’o was certainly missed in this game.

  63. THB,

    One call was bad, the other wasn’t. In the end, 2 things determined this game. 1) Like last season, too many points are left off the board due to lack of scoring TDs once inside the redzone. (Plus, our redzone D, which was awesome last year, was unable to keep Michigan from scoring this game.) 2) the D was awful in both covering the receivers and in containing the QB sprints and draws. If these 2 things don’t get corrected, then ND will go down to defeat a few more times this season, and get beat by not only the heavyweights left on the schedule, but by even a few of the bantam weights as well, if we’re not careful.

    1. I’m of the opinion that legendary programs in a game like this one was rich with tradition and the highest standards in CFB is one in which referees can “let-em-play” as they say.

      If ND gets this kind of scrutiny each big game it will be a difficult season.

      In Sum: CFB is a golden opportunity to develop, teach & broaden fine young men. In effect the lessons of not only CFB but life.

  64. Tommy Rees threw accurately against Michigan the majority of the time Saturday night in Ann Arbor. I’m not suggesting all of his passes were pretty but they were catchable accurate passes by NFL standards.

    The ‘Notre Dame D’ particularly the pass defense appeared weak Saturday night early on in this classic contest. Tommy Rees lead ND back into the game in the fourth quarter 30-34 (helped in large part by Tuitt’s great defensive touchdown which put ND’s total at 27 points) ND was in a position to strike for the winning points until officiating calls removed any shot ND had to earn the win.

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