Watch All 25 of Everett Golson’s Consecutive Completions

Everett Golson came up one completion short of setting a NCAA record for consecutive completions in a game on Saturday with 25 straight passes without an incompletion. Watch all 25 straight connections Golson made with his receivers courtesy of our friends at the ACC Digital Network. Scroll down a little further to hear Golson talk about the accomplishment following the game.

Everett Golson talks about his 25 stragith completions

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  1. It was a great accomplishment regardless of the fact concerning the fumble. As has been stated by several NCAA football coaches that have watched Golson play this year, he is a very good quarterback.

    1. You left out Coley O’brien…

      who played in place of Terry Hanratty…

      who roomed with Tom Schoen…

      who once told some freshmen dweeb named johnson to shut the hell up because he was so damn annoying.

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