Notre Dame Headed To College Football Playoff?

Is Notre Dame headed to the College Football Playoff at the end of 2015? Let Campus Insiders’ Jordan Cornette tell you the reasons why Brian Kelly’s team is in the mix.

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  1. With the losses ND has already sustained to key players it is highly unlikely that they will be in the hunt for a National Championship. Lets get real, what college can lose their starting QB and running back, along with a few key defensive players and still be in contention? That’s right….no one! Of course, that’s not taking into account divine intervention…and as any follower of the ND knows….crazy things happen when the Irish and Touchdown Jesus are involved! Go Irish!!

  2. I have no hopes that ND will be in the playoffs simply because I’ve gone through too many post Holtz seasons and end up disappointed every year. All except the 3rd season of Brian K. Can they deliver? Yes, but only if the D line is way better than it has been the last few seasons. I don’t care how good our corners are they can’t maintain coverage all day long. A winning attitude will certainly help. Maybe next year is this year.

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