Notre Dame – Ohio State Fiesta Bowl Highlights

Team 127 fought to the end, but simply ran out of gas – and almost ran out of defensive players – losing to Ohio State 44-28.  The Irish scratched and clawed their way back into the game a few times, but Ohio State was just too talented and deep for the Irish to overcome.  Even in defeat though, Team 127 fought hard and never gave up just as they did all season long.  Here are the highlights from the game as the Irish head into what figures to be an interesting off-season.

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  1. Just another ND ass whipping in a big bowl game. ND still nowhere near winning the big one no matter how people or fans try to portray how good Kelly recruits.

  2. Agreed, “Buckeye.” An unfortunate accident, that’s all.

    I appreciate you’re not on here gloating. It seems you know more about ND football than some of our self-styled experts on this site.

  3. You are a complete idiot! Especially for someone who has been around football for a long time – yeah right. It was a horrible injury that NOBODY wants to see happen but it was not a ‘block’ as you put it, Decker pushed him and Smith actually took a couple of steps before his foot stuck in the turf. It was unfortunate and hard to watch in slow motion but if you see intent then the joke is on you. You say you watched it again, to confirm your warped opinion I’m sure, and you could see an agenda? I say watch it again only this time watch it sober.

  4. No fluke about J. Smith’s injury. Urban Meyer has a reputation for putting bounties(extra stickers on helmets) on opposing players. That was the rumor when he was at Florida and after watching yesterday’s game, you see some truth to it. Being around football for a long time, I understand the meaning of play to the whistle. Jaylon was down and was trying to get up when T. Decker peals off a block and goes after Smith. This is happening a good 7 yards from the play. After seeing this, I went back and watched the first few moments of the game again. Extra hits are being given to not only Jaylon but Sheldon Day and other members of the defense.
    Then J. Bosa made it especially clear that Urban’s team had an agenda. Kids are taught this behavior. I understand having a mindset to play a contact sport, but when it possibly costs a special young man’s future-that is UNETHICAL!
    In the interview following the game, when Urban is asked about Bosa’s hit. He answered “I guess that was the right call”. Really, what a joke!

  5. As I’ve stated here before, ND needs to take a close look at the operation of Shannon Turley, Kissick Family Director of Sports Performance, at Stanford. The paucity of season-ending injuries at Stanford over ND’s experience over, say, the last six years is striking.

  6. @Pete: Some of these injuries were complete freak accidents: Folson, Ziare, Tranquill, and Jaylon Smith. I agree that ND needs more speed on the defensive side of the ball.

  7. The defense is still a ways away but the injuries and suspensions did not help either. Did you see the list of 6 defensive backs who were not playing at the end of the season that ESPN showed. Add to that Day was dinged and sick, Cage was hurt and Tillery sent home.

    The defense needs to continue to evolve but the entire philosophy changed when Kelly went from Diaco to Van Gorder. The incoming class will help along with the returning players. It takes more than a year or two to revamp and Van Gorder’s defense is complex. Maybe it is too complex and he will need to be replaced. But not based off of what was on the field today.

    I do agree that there needs to be a review of what is causing the numerous injuries that have occurred over last few years. It has gotten to be more than just a trend but rather an issue to review seriously in this off-season.

  8. Notre Dame needs to really study this off season why all these injuries keep occurring. Looking at the team the offense and special teams are close to national championship level. However the defense has a long way to go. The secondary especially was not very good all year. Defensive line and front 7 need a few more difference makers and speed. Watch Alabama’s defense. They all just fly to the ball.

  9. It’s apparent ND’s talent level is not on par with the better teams in CF. injuries aside, OSU had the better athletes. Defense leaves a lot to be desired.

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