Notre Dame v. Texas Highlights

Notre Dame lost a heartbreaker on the road to start the 2016 season Sunday night in Austin in 2 overtimes.  Notre Dame overcame a 31-14 deficit on the road to force overtime, but in the end the Irish defense – in the third year of Brian Vangorder’s defense – couldn’t stop Texas in the 2nd overtime.

We’ll have plenty more on this devastating loss to start the season, but for now here are the highlights – or lowlights depending on how you look at this disappointing opener.

Did we mention this one was disappointing?

Did we mention this was the 3rd year of the Vangorder defense and they gave up 50 points to a true freshman QB and another QB that is a glorified running back?


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  1. Not BVG’s Fault N.D. Defense Can’t Cover , And Can’t Tackle , N.D. Defense Can’t Execute The Basics . Pretty Sad That These Kids Made It This Far Without Being Able To Cover , And Tackle . It’s Going To Be A Long Season .

  2. I’ve come to believe that BK is pathologically incapable of any honest, self-reflection. He’s an average coach, but a very good recruiter. ND will win a lot of games with BK, but no NCs.

    The contrast between BK and Saban is dramatic. While BK was already making excuses before the game, Saban was demanding perfection from his team. While after the game BK was making excuses for the defeat, Saban was criticizing his team after a blow win over a top 20, traditional power like USC.

    BK wins games; Saban wins titles.

  3. Lots of interesting comments to be sure. (Hoping this is therapeutic as I need it!) One additional thought to add: I strongly disagree with Kelly’s comments about our “young” players as if this is some kind of excuse. (especially on defense). Texas had many “young” players on that field as well. I’m pretty certain 8 freshmen played for them Sunday night! I am an avid ND fan (and Kellly supporter) but I would really like to see him look in the mirror every so often and avoid the bogus excuses. This D needs to get better. Period!

  4. re: inexperience D’. Texas has a ton of Frosh and Sophs who didn’t play like they’re Frosh or Sophs.
    Fewer missed tackles and blown assignments on D’. Are their young players that much better, or is it coaching and preparation? We’ll see as the year progresses if Texas is that good or ND is that mediocre, or that poorly coached. It’s only one game, but it isn’t just one game either. ND is now 0-9 since 2012 when on the road as either an underdog or less than a TD favorite. 0-9! Since 2012, nobody loses close games against competitive opponents on the road like a Brian Kelly ND team. More importantly . . .
    the uncalled targeting call on Torii Hunter’s blow to the head was inexcusable. Did the Big 12 official in the booth not watch replay, or did he fear his future in the Big 12 if he’d have done his job and called the obvious? By mid-week, NCAA will admit it was an uncalled penalty. Anything short of dismissal of that official isn’t enough- for the safety of future players as well. If you don’t have the cojones to do your job protecting vulnerable players, get a different job.Good wishes for Hunter’s recovery.

  5. i haven’t posted here in a while because in the first year of the BK era, I was called every name in the book for saying Brian kelly was an over rated hack. Apparently it has finally sunk into most of you that he is NOT the man for this job. He has padded his record over the years against inferior opponents, and frankly has been somewhat of an embarrassment to this university. Anyone who disagrees with that last statement needs to look at last years schedule. Notre Dame’s biggest win was Temple! The off field issues alone should have him out the door, let alone his game day management and coaching skills. Fire him now!!!

  6. Van Gorder’s defense was a complete disaster yet again. It is a disservice to the players watching him be consistently out coached. There are many signs of bad coaching. Two of the easiest to spot are a defense not being set which was apparent throughout the game. But the most telling is the complete inability to make any half time adjustments!!!! Playing man coverage and a bump and run like he has Darrelle Revis in his prime to start the second half. Result TD Texas! What game was he watching in the first half? Everyone in America knew Texas had put in an up tempo offense with their new coordinator yet Van Gorder’s defense was completely unprepared!!! Kelly absolutely blew it by not replacing him.

  7. I agree that the defense needs work, but folks are forgetting that the linebackers are all first time starters along with a majority of the secondary as well, growing pains are to be expected. Also, if targeting had been called this would have been a different game. We have a hell of an offense and Kizer needs to be the starter. I don’t think the playoffs are out of the picture, there is too much football to be played yet. Like Aaron Rodgers would say, “Relax, Relax”.

  8. My dear Irish Dad turned over 3 times in His grave after this heart wrenching defeat! I’m ashamed also, till our next victory, by the way when was that, Last November? Because it is Notre Dame, the Ghosts will come and take over and get us some quality wins and finally end up in a consolation bowl as usual. Where is Joe Schmidt when you need him?

  9. With a 35-31 Lead Notre Dame needed to control the ball, convert and score at least a field goal. Of course a touchdown would have sealed it. It is not rocket science. The Irish could not do that and several times, the defense was out of sync—can’t even think about the number of costly mistakes. Kudos to Texas. I don’t know if “they are back or not” but they had the roar of the crowd and the look of hook em horns pride such as they have not had for a long time. As for Notre Dame, you win with a good defense. I hope things will get better It is way too early to tell but a lesser bowl before New Years could be it. Congrats to Texas—

  10. I think it’s safe to say the playoffs are out of the picture. One loss and a schedule that’s considered pretty easy this year. Even if they run the table they’ll be an extreme long shot to get in without a conference championship.

  11. I agree. With all of the “great recruits” year in and year out we still cannot come up with a really sound defense. Too many times the D was not even set as Texas ran a fast-paced setup. I am tired of excuses and constantly watch missed arm tackles and when is the last time we had a CB who could cover? Maybe Bobby Taylor??? What a major disappointment- AGAIN

  12. If Kelly wants better overall success, he needs to replace and select a great D coordinator. BVG isn’t it. You end up putting 47 points on the board and leave the stadium still losing the game, a red flag is waving in the wind. Unfortunately, I bet we are stuck the whole season with him.

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