That Time Golden Tate Jumped Into the Michigan State Band

It’s  big one this week folks.  Notre Dame hosts #12 Michigan State in their toughest test to date.  The Irish have zero margin for error thanks to that pesky double overtime loss to Texas to start the season.  We’re going to officially start our Michigan State week coverage on a lighter note though.

It’s been seven years now since Golden Tate’s infamous end-zone jump into the Michigan State band following a go ahead touchdown catch from Jimmy Clausen.  Tate hauled in seven catches for 127 yards, but that touchdown was his biggest play of the game.  The score gave the Irish the lead and helped the Irish beat the Spartans at home for the first time since 2009.

Prior to Tate’s end-zone leap and Notre Dame’s win in 2009, Notre Dame had lost nine of 12 to the Spartans including six straight at home.  Since then, Notre Dame’s only loss to Michigan State came on the fake field goal in overtime in 2010.  The Irish have also won three straight at home including the 2009 victory.

Notre Dame and Michigan State haven’t played since 2013 when the Irish gave Michigan State their only loss of the year.

Don’t know if any Irish players will jump into the Spartan band this weekend, but hoping for a similar outcome.

Photo credit: Southcreek Global/Icon Sportswire

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  1. That’s my favorite ND play ever. I have the video and watch it several times a year. The smile on Clausen’face at the end is priceless.

  2. Can’t help but notice the antiquated facilities in that video.
    Maybe jeff can shed some light on the situation because after all he was there this past weekend.

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