Notre Dame Football Highlights: Irish Beat LSU in Citrus Bowl

Notre Dame might just have a quarterback controversy on its hands heading into the off-season, but that is a debate for another day. Today, Notre Dame just pulled off a remarkable win over LSU with a ridiculous one-handed catch by Miles Boykin on a 55 yard touchdown. The win snapped a 9 game January bowl losing streak and a 6 game losing streak in the state of Florida for the Irish. Notre Dame, missing four players due to suspensions, beat LSU 21-17 for their second bowl win over the Tigers in three years.

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  1. With the ONLY college football program with a perpetual ABC network contract guaranteeing National coverage of EVERY game and an unparalleled football history, N D should be playing for the National Championship every year.

    Instead, they have a QB rated 150 th in passing!! What the heck is that???? Does this coach, Kelly , have eyes? Is he just stupid or just incompetent?

    The incredibly sloppy and pathetic play against an equally pathetically coached LSU team is NOTHING to celebrate.

    The incompetence of B Kelly is just the symptom.

    The disease is a Broken program…. maybe it’s resultant of a broken school morally but whatever, it can’t be denied that to even talk about a “ controversy” at QB with this high school level of play is ridiculous.

    ND play is getting very close to unwatchable

    1. Close?
      I stopped. Didn’t watch one ND game this season. And won’t until Kelly’s gone.
      There arte lots of well-coached teams playing entertaining football on TV.
      You’d be amazed.

  2. let’s not go over the deep end here – I agree Wimbush has shown he is not the guy – a running back or WR – could be – running is where his skills are . but let’s not turn it all over to Book yet and count him as the second coming. Yes I think he
    showed that he might be a better fit than BW – but don’t just hand it all over to him. I do think he has the edge on starting next year as of right now – don’t jump in too deep

  3. SFR, Wimbush is not the guy. We are loaded with returnees and new arrivals. Book is even better than ( perhaps you might remember) Steve Sogge who handed the ball off to OJ. Book knows His limitations. The team suddenly came alive around Him. He could be the reincarnation of Broadway Joe Theisman. Very reminiscent of what BK did at Cincy with the two QB’s. He may have won NC if it wasn’t for ND snagging Him.

  4. Yay! Another off-season dominated by a QB controversy. What’s that…..5 years straight under this fraud putz?
    How can you move forward when you can’t even get the most key position filled ? Where’d “Mr. Developer of Quarterbacks” go ?!

    I decided 2 weeks ago what to watch today, and was exactyl as entertained as I hoped.
    UCF completed a perfect season with a truly beautiful game….after going 0-12 two years ago.
    Now that’s coaching.

  5. If you want to talk controversy let’s get it started. Wimbush ( thank you for your services) could stay on if He wants as wildcat, running back. He demonstrated that He is not the one to take us to a NC. What I saw today was the entire O responded to Books presence. Book got more confident and comfortable with each play. Many of us are guilty by calling Book an intramural QB ( me) or Ivy League at best. He earned the starting position by His heroic effort today. He will get better. Jurkovec may have to wait a while.

    1. GK,

      You really believe ND can compete for a NC with IB based on half a game?! Against a depleted LSU D?!

      1. I still see Wimbush as an ideal guy for a good single wing series…an unbalanced line with a jumbo package of big bodies in there…similar to Stanford a few years ago and that freight train that kept rolling over us in Austin, Texas every time the “horns” got near the red zone…but Wimbush could run that from further out than the red zone (perhaps as a change of pace) if Long would put in a whole single wing series for him.
        As for the regular spread offense, which should be our bread and butter, let Book and Jurkovich settle that at practice in August.

        BGC ’77 ’82

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