Watch: Crazy Good Notre Dame – Stanford Hype Video

We are still a few days away from Notre Dame ‘s showdown with #7 Stanford.  Game week’s like this one tend to drag on and on – especially when the game itself is a late one.  We stumbled across this hype video for the game, however, that should give you just a taste of football to hold you over for a little while.

If it weren’t for Penn State and Ohio State’s similar showdown of top 10 teams this weekend, this is the only game anyone would be talking about right now.  With Notre Dame at #8 and Stanford at #7, the winner of this one should vault right into the thick of the playoff debate – especially if it’s the Irish who are also owners of a week one victory over #14 Michigan.

We will have plenty more on this matchup throughout the week, but for now enjoy this video and then good luck trying to get any work done after.


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One Comment

  1. I guess I didn’t find it be very compelling. The music sounds like every Junior year highlight video on and there were no Stanford highlights after the footage from 2012. I guess I was expecting something that sold this matchup instead of a generic ND highlight video.

    Still, it is pretty awesome remembering that goal line stand in 2012. I think this year is the first time since then that we’ve had a defense anywhere close to that level. I think ND is going to win this game, and then have to figure out a way not to collapse in November. But what do I know? I thought we needed to be all-in on Wimbush because he had a higher ceiling than Book. Turns out I was probably wrong. Happens to the best of us. Marcus Mariota and Baker Mayfield were both 3 star recruits. They turned out all right. Book has beaten out an established blue chipper, and two 4 star underclassmen for the job. I’m ready to buy in.

    We’re more talented than Stanford, overall. They don’t have out depth. But they have some studs, and they are well coached. I think this is a legitimate top-10 matchup. If ND wins, we’ve got an inside track to the playoff.

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