Notre Dame Releases Hype Video Ahead of Georgia Showdown

Notre Dame has been producing some fantastic hype videos in 2019.  They did not disappoint again this week with their hype video for tonight’s showdown with Georgia.  No one is giving the Irish a chance in this one, but there is a blueprint for a victory tonight.  A lot will have to go right for the Irish to win, but Georgia is not unbeatable.

We don’t have to wait much longer to know exactly what we have with this year’s squad.  Tonight will tell us pretty quickly.  For now, enjoy the hype video.

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One Comment

  1. Not much left to say boys, because it’s just about time to fight boys.

    I’ll add this last thought for the day…Gentlemen:

    If I had a daughter, I’ll tell you what I’d do…
    I’d dress her up in white and gold to cheer for the white; blue and bold.
    But sir,
    If I had a son I’ll tell you what he’d do.
    He’d yell SCREW Georgia just like his Dear Old Dad would gladly do.

    Here Come the Irish.

    BGC ’77 ’82

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