Notre Dame QB Ian Book Made Plays with His Arm & Legs vs. Pitt

Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book had his best game of the season as he led the Fighting Irish to a road win against Pittsburgh.  Book completed 16 of 30 passes for 312 yards and three touchdowns, and he ran for another 40 yards. 

Highlights from Notre Dame Football's 2021 Pro Day

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  1. Author, did you watch the first half??? Book takes the Quarter out of quarter back. He might just as well be listed as another running back.
    Man, he sucks as a passer.
    Multiple choice Q…Book’s throws are a) poorly timed, b) behind the intended receiver, c) too high, too low, d) out of bounds along sideline, e) beyond the end zone, f) a wing and a prayer…g) all of the above.

  2. Anyone who’s interested in seeing a QB “make plays with his arms and legs” should have been watching the last drive of the Indiana game.

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