Highlights from Notre Dame’s Workmanlike 31-13 Win Over Georgia Tech

Notre Dame didn’t get caught looking ahead, but they didn’t quite look totally focused on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. They looked did what they needed to do, controlled the game from start to finish, and all but dominated other than a couple of fluke plays. It wasn’t always pretty, but it was effective and the Irish improved to 6-0 on the season with Clemson finally on the horizon.

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  1. Here’s a highlight you might have missed, from Friday night, Minnesota at Maryland.

    Game tied at 38, Maryland driving at about midfield, one timeout left in their pocket, ball placed on the line, 18 seconds left, ref waves the clock to start running.
    QB looks to the sideline for the playcall…..
    Coach decides to leave the TO unused, let time run out, and head to overtime.

    The Brian Kelly Award of Excellence in both clock and timeout management.

  2. We’ve been waiting for #9 DE and co-captain Hayes to make a statement and today he did. Another impressive performance by the D’ giving up only 6 points. The ND O’ scored only 7 more from the 10 minute mark of the third quarter. It looked like Kyren got injured, and didn’t return. That would be devastating vs. Clemson if he can’t play.

  3. I just got done watching Alabama and Ohio State. It’s obvious to me and probably anyone else who is watching is Notredame just doesn’t have the passing game these teams have or Clemsons either. Book can sometimes make a great play but he cant do it anywhere close to Fiels Mac Jones Trevor Lawrence. Justin Fields is so accurate. Yes it’s TRUE Notredame doesn’t have the speed burners playmakers that Ohio State,Alabama and Clemson have
    but Book also cant make the throws those guys can. We may beat Clemson maybe without Lawrence but he probably will come back and whip Notredame in the acc championship. I would sure love to be wrong but I cant see Notredame winning a national championship until they get an elite Heisman trophy level quarterback. I think they should look at the tranfer pool.

      1. Mahomes? The Bears GM didn’t even think he was as good as Mitch Trubisky who no longer is a starting QB, but yes, Bears GM Pace might have been a bit off on that one.
        BTW, Pedro, your question may be more clearly answered two games from now after we see what Book does vs. Clemson’s D’ (Jurko’s team got 28 against them, though their O’ scored only 21, and 0 in the second half), and then when BC hosts ND the next week after that with Jurko and a poorer 3 loss team vs. Book and a top 5 team.
        The Brian Kelly post game presser might be more entertaining than the game though, especially if ND loses. Stay tuned. Avoid plan B.

    1. Book is the better QB right now but Jurkovec has so much more upside. Brian Kelly has shit the bed with the QB position his entire time at ND. Complete moron

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