Watch Notre Dame Football S&C Coach Matt Balis Mic’ed Up During Off-Season Drills

Notre Dame has given us all a look inside the Notre Dame football strength & conditioning program with a great video of S&C coach Matt Balis miced up as he runs the Fighting Irish throughout off-season drills. Matt Balis has made a huge difference in the Notre Dame football program and is one of the often overlooked major moves that resulted in the resurgence of the program in 2017 on the heels of the 2016 disaster season.

If strength and conditioning ever stops working out for Balis, he certainly has the voice and presence for a future in the WWE.

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    1. Menh.. Close enough to a football post for Regina George, petty grudge lugger.

      Odd though. Positively giddy over a very good black coach having a career setback.

      “Overachiever Mike Brey” isn’t going anywhere. But he is white….you’re prolly fine with it.

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