Highlights: Notre Dame Fades in 4th Quarter in 21-10 Loss to Ohio State

Notre Dame held the lead on the road against Ohio State for nearly three quarters of action but faded in the fourth quarter when the Irish offense stalled in the 2nd half before ultimately falling to Ohio State 21-10. The upset-minded Irish had their chances to win the game, but a shakier than expected offensive line didn’t let the offense get into a rhythm while playcalling left a lot to be desired.

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  1. Feeling sad since we had such a great chance of winning. My thoughts are 6 threes and out took it out of the defense .. But, I am still impressed with our Irish !!

  2. 1) No surprise that ND lost the first 2 games under Coach Freeman. I think he was between a rock and a hard place to start his career. Things will get better. Kelly would probably have lost both games by much bigger margins.
    2) We knew that offensive skill positions were a problem going into this year with player losses and injuries. The offense may just not be that productive this year. Reese is going to take some heat but he shouldn’t. I think he has come up with 2 good gameplans considering the opponents.
    3) The defense for the most part played well but wore out in the 4th quarter. We need huge guys on the d line – see Georgia and Alabama as reference points. As that sage Bill Parcells once said – Power wins Football. i think that is still true. That is how Ohio State won this game
    4) For all the abuse Matt Salerno may take on the interference call – if he didn’t do that I think the pass would have been intercepted. Would rather take that penalty than a turnover.

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