Notre Dame Football Highlights: Irish Top UNLV 44-21

Notre Dame beat UNLV 44-21 on Saturday afternoon, but the win didn’t have Irish fans feeling all that great, given the number of miscues and missed opportunities – specifically on offense – from the Irish. The Irish had numerous opportunities to rip the game wide open and empty the benches, but the Irish offense had a rough afternoon in the redzone, and quarterback Drew Pyne missed multiple easy touchdown opportunities. The Irish are back over .500 with a road trip to Syracuse that now looks much more difficult than it did in the preseason.

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  1. Watching Syracuse and Clemson tells me there’s no way ND can win or compete. Ditto for USC and maybe even BC. I’m sure Pyne is playing up to his capability, but it’s woefully short. Would like to see them bring in a QB transfer to at least compete with Buchner next year. Even if Carr arrives in the next 2 years, don’t think he’ll be an immediate savior.
    Still trying to give Freeman the benefit of doubt, but the clock is ticking.

  2. Not seeing discernible improvement as season wears on. I see wins vs. Navy, BC. That’s it. 6-6
    Post season: We’ll see alot of hype about how things will be great in 2023.
    With current coaching staff, 7-5 is the ceiling next year and 4-8 is the floor.
    I don’t see any cavalry on the horizon coming to rescur ND anytime soon.

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