Notre Dame v. Louisville ’14 – Key Matchups

Cole Luke - Notre Dame CB v. Northwestern
Northwestern Wildcats wide receiver Tony Jones (6) attempts to tackle Notre Dame Fighting Irish cornerback Cole Luke (36) after Luke intercepted a pass in the fourth quarter at Notre Dame Stadium. Northwestern won 43-30 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame will look to bounce back from an awful home loss to Northwestern last week when Louisville comes to South Bend. The Irish will have to get back to what made them successful early in the season, which is limiting turnovers and getting stops on defense starting with shutting down the run to have any success down the stretch. It’s also imperative that Brian Kelly puts together a better game plan or a very capable and aggressive Louisville team could hand the Irish their third straight loss. The following are the matchups the Irish must control to get back on track and beat Louisville:

Cole Luke versus DeVante Parker: Cole Luke will have a stiff challenge in front of him when he attempts to slow down one of the nation’s best receivers in DeVante Parker. Parker is a combination of elite size and speed who also possesses great ball skills. The senior standout has tallied 25 receptions for 490 yards and a touchdown this season while playing in only four games due to injury. Luke has progressed very well this season with increased playing time and is tied for the Irish lead in interceptions so it will be a critical matchup on the outside this weekend.

Jaylon Smith versus Michael Dyer: Linebacker Jaylon Smith has performed all season for the Irish and he will need to again versus Michael Dyer. The former Auburn running back has continued to show his talent at Louisville rushing for 414 yards and four touchdowns in seven games this season. Smith has the athletic ability to shut down Dyer so if he can fill the right gaps the Irish could slow down the Cardinals.

Everett Golson versus Gerod Holliman: Everett Golson has struggled with turnovers and it will be a long day if he doesn’t take care of the ball against Gerod Holliman. Holliman leads the nation with 13 interceptions and also has 16 pass breakups. The Cardinals aggressive defense allows Holliman to be a ball hawk so Golson will need to be on point or he could cost the Irish another game.

Ronnie Stanley versus Sheldon Rankins: Offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley will face another talented edge rusher in Sheldon Rankins. Rankins has a team-high seven sacks as well as two interceptions from his defensive end spot. He has good size at 6’2’’ 305 pounds so Stanley who is the Irish’s best offensive lineman will have his hands full.

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  1. C – Dog and SteefanRob,

    It can be done you just need someone to think outside the box. ND has gotten the athletes in previous years look at the NFL players currently playing. The problem is depth. ND can’t absorb losing 5 star players like Tuitt or Nix not coming back for a fifth year. They can’t have an LB like Grace go down. They can’t lose players to suspensions because they don’t have a JC to pull players from or grey shirts to utilize. These are the problems that face them.

  2. Looking at where this team and this program is, is truly frustrating. They might, just might be close to being a elite, year in and year out. But more likely, they may have a good to great year and several 7 to 9 win seasons. Frankly how is that different from the rest of the teams outside the top of the SEC, PAC-12, maybe Big 12, and once in a while a Big 10 or ACC? Truly the perennials are now institutionally from schools who compromise academics grossly. And the format oddly enough seems to be protective of the Power 5 conferences which puts ND on an even more difficult path.
    So expecting the QB or coach to necessarily work miracles is asking a lot. What other schools outside the South or West Coast are better off. Ohio State only gets a break for being in a power 5 conference. MSU, still gets juked a bit for not being Michigan, even though Michigan is no longer Michigan. Nebraska? Not anymore. ND is on the outside again, not being in that position since 1913.
    Expect seasons like this. Be pleasantly or very happily surprised by great seasons or the magical National Championship season. But with players not having been born when Notre Dame was last great, it’s not realistic to think this program is the connected to Notre Dame of old.
    BK wants the National Championship and he’ll end up where he thinks he’s got the best shot, sooner or later. The ND administration and athletic department want money and as long as they get it, won’t upset the apple cart.
    So instead of getting unglued about the QB, defense, or coaching, it’s probably best to either deal with the team as is, or become a fan of another team. I’ll stay with ND myself.

  3. To soon to replace Kelly. Agree the program needs him to succeed. Job comes with more restrictions and challenges than other schools. For now, national publicity and audience also. That will last as long as the fan base does. $$$$$$. Not as many coaches are willing to submit to ND’s policies. Surely I couldn’t see Gruden accepting a job not having more control. Those not happy with QB, I see a kid over coached with to many reads and progressions and not enough time to get through them. Looks hesitant and won’t leave the pocket. Fearful of being incorrect for our cerebral offense. Offensive line needs help and we needed to learn to be physical and have a ground game. To cute, to late, to bad.

  4. Agreed, Jack.

    Look, I’d love for nothing more than to listen to BK 15 years from now, after winning 3 NCs, at his monument dedication. I’m just not sure BK can get the job done.

    What concerns me is who will take over after BK. I just don’t know who can come in and turn things around. It might be impossible to win and compete for NCs regularly at ND.

  5. OK, Bruce, who would that best guy in America be exactly?

    Look, I think BK has not lived up to his billing coming in to S. Bend. I think too many here are too comfortable making too many excuses for too many years now. Is that too many too’s for you?

    But I just don’t see the logic in firing BK now. No one else is really lining up to take this gig, Bruce.

    The sad truth is BK may well be the model for all future ND coaches. Small-time guys making a huge leap in class.

    1. SteelfanRob,

      You are correct, firing Kelly now would just be stupid. Let’s look at Nebraska, they fired Zolich after a 9 win season and have suffered ever since. Kelly needs to understand that 5 star recruits leave early fir the NFL. He needs to make sure he has depth on both sides of the ball so he doesn’t have to play 10 freshman at one time. This team isn’t as bad as we think, but it wasn’t as good as we thought four games ago.

      Bruce your not getting Saban, Stoops, or Meyer.

      Finally SteelfanRob ND took a chance on a coach from a non football power house in the mid 60 ‘ s and he did pretty well. Meyer came from Utah to Florida. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Kelly has “his guys” now it’s time to clean up these mistakes and win

  6. The future is now-George Allen
    Fire Kelly and find us the best guy on America
    And pay him
    It’s been twenty years of second rate coaches

    1. Are you taking the grass, Bruce, and smoking it in your bong? Just who is the best guy out there you think is willing to come to South Bend? They ARE NOT, I repeat, ARE NOT banging down the ND door to come in and coach here, no matter what is offered for pay. I’m not suggesting Kelly be fired at this point but his potential on average of 8 win seasons in 4 out of his 5 years are not cutting it either. Keep this in mind, Brian may just decide he’s had enough of criticism from everyone surrounding this program and leave. I haven’t forgotten that during one of THE most important games in the last 20 years ND was getting ready for and Kelly was looking actively for another potential job option. Kelly has a track record of success, while moving up the ladder of competition. I don’t buy he’s lost that completely now being at ND. I think he would be benefitted if some of his more trusted assistants stepped forward and “encouraged” him to take a look at some of his decision making as head coach because I wonder if that is happening to the degree it should. Unless he decides to go and there’s a hidden Art Briles like coach out there that we don’t know about (what he has done at former traditional doormat Baylor is beyond belief)who is this person you refer to Bruce?

  7. I am a big fan of Coach Kelly and I know that we are a far better team than we where before. But does anyone feel like our team is not prepared this year at all for the games that we have been in. This might be one of the most frustrating years that I have ever watched ND. It seems like they need to make adjustments and come back against teams that are better prepared and more motivated.

  8. BK will get one more year. There’s no way he will be fired this season. One reason is yes, this team did suffer some losses in key players. I don’t think that excuses the record. ND should have been able to pull out a 10-2 season. But it’ll be enough to get him one more year. But he has to pull it together next year.

    Another reason is what I don’t think people really consider here a lot of times. Who does ND hire? Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, others in their coaching league? Not going to happen. Sorry, they are not coming to ND.

    I still say ND desperately needs BK to succeed. We can NOT survive another coaching meltdown. ND will fade into obscurity if BK fails. I truly believe this is our last chance to be relevant. Yes, teams will still want to play ND (they won’t be totally irrelevant) and we will continue to have our NBC contract, at least for the time being. But we won’t be getting top 10 recruiting classes and 8-4 seasons will begin to be considered a successful season. That is what our future holds if BK does not work out.

    I really don’t get it. BK has had success everywhere he’s been. He got Cincinatti to a BCS bowl, CINCINATTI for crying out loud. The man can recruit. We have gotten top recruits and he has shown he can close the deal with recruits. WHY are we losing games? It does not make sense. BK needs to look back at what made him successful as a coach in the past and apply that now, today. He’s lost his mojo somewhere and he needs to find it and get it back. It’s down to USC and a bowl game.

    I have a friend who is a PSU fan and he was joking about last week that maybe we’d meet in a bowl game. Well who knows, by the end of the year we may have the same record.

    1. Damian,

      I agree with some of your points. BK is the right guy, it’s an issue with what ND would have to do to compete. Right now there has been losses through early departures for the NFL, suspensions and injuries. ND doesn’t grey shirt like the SEC, ND doesn’t take JC transfers and ND requires you to go to class. I don’t want ND to do all these things, but whoever is at the helm needs to understand the new situation. The team is young on defense and some things aren’t bouncing their way. Look at 2012 a lot of things went ND’s way. Take Purdue, Stanford, Pitt and Michigan. They could have easily lost those games.

      ND has more to offer than big powers, an education. BK needs to evaluate what his plan is for this program and how not to have 10 freshman on the field at one time. I am not happy about the results but 3 of the 4 losses are by 4 points. They are closer than most people think

      1. ND does get good recruits though. I wouldn’t object maybe to re-evaluationg taking JC transfers or something along that line when it comes to getting players. But it needs to be clear that ND does not greyshirt and you are expected to go to class (in a real major). Those things should never change. And breaking the law and cheating are still things that should earn you a quick exit.

        I’m not sure what kind of assistance is offered to the players, but if a player is struggling academically, ND can and should do everything they can to make them successful in the classroom (tutoring and things of that sort).

        But recruit wise, we are getting good recruits. I think this comes down to executing. The coaches all around have to do a better job coaching. BK has done it in the past with much less talent. I think the same applies here. Just because a kid is a 4 or 5 star player doesn’t mean he needs any less coaching.

    2. They aren’t going to fire Kelly this year or next or the year after. He’d have to have some notable incident or two losing seasons for that to happen. But he might choose to leave. The rumors about Florida loom. And depending on who goes there another opening could be enticing.
      In the end though ND needs Kelly and needs him to succeed. Kelly sort of needs ND although the rest of D-1 at this point is going to consider ND are difficult or impossible place to succeed.
      Meanwhile, get used to what you see.

    3. I would tend to agree with many of your points. If BK leaves or is asked to leave, who is out there. Big name coaches ARE NOT lining up at the door & asking to come in to ND. The perception (accurate or not) right now seems to support winning at ND is more challenging than what its worth to make the effort. I could use a lot of space to slam BK but I won’t. I think he and his staff need to take a look at things and decide what could be done differently. Coaching decisions seem to be very similar in games that ND have lost. There is enough accountability to go around for where things are at right now with the program. Find answers for now, not what started the “problems”- the staff have all off season to figure out root causes if they want. Like many sentiments expressed by others, its frustrating to see what’s happening in front of our eyes and to think weeks ago there was a lot of talk on this blog about ND being back and being relevant. Losing sure changes that perception pretty quick, doesn’t it? I’m just a fan. I wish those in charge of the program can figure some things out and get things working. I had a lot of enthusiasm for this season during the off season. I don’t think I am going to have the same feeling this off season, even if we beat Shit Cal and win in the Soy Bean Hay Bale Bowl played in some empty corn field in Iowa.

      With that, Go Irish!

      1. Next year is sort of BK’s last shot IMHO. 2015 is/was supposed to be “THE YEAR” for ND given the players we will have. But 2014 has crushed any “momentum” we may have had. As an organization, they are going to have to forget about this year.

  9. Did anyone/everyone happen to see the toxic little conversation between Kelly and Golson? It was same story, different day with Golson walking off and Kelly yelling at him. Kelly’s lips: “What the #$^% are you doing?” Golson walked right passed him. Kelly followed him, grabbed his arm and said, “Don’t walk away from me!” Golson proceeded to turn around and they got into it.

    One could look at that and shrug with the idea that “that stuff happens”. Or you could look at it as something bigger. I’ve only seen this type of thing between Golson and BK, no one else.

    Kudos to our O-line, Folston, Martini, Fuller, Brown, Robinson, Carlisle, Bryant etc. Brindza kicked a nice game until, well you know. I find it stupefying that, at the University of Notre Dame, they cannot find one young man that can catch a hike and put the ball down properly. I would think asking some baseball players to try out might be a good decision.

    God Bless all the seniors in all that they do.

    1. If that’s how EG is going to handle things, he needs to be pulled. Your QB is the leader of the team, if he shows no respect, then that’s poisonous to the team.

      I don’t know why Zaire hasn’t gotten some playing time, esp. at times when EG is clearly struggling.

      It’s like BK has turned into Paterno. Paterno would never pull his QB, no matter how bad he played or who was waiting in the wings.

      1. Totally agree. I’ve never thought EG needed to be pulled indefinitely, but without question he should have sat in the last several games. I literally believe that, at this point, there’s nothing Golson could do (on the field) that would get him benched.

  10. 95% of football games are won with the team that controls the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and commits the fewest turnovers and penalties. Notre Dame has won 4 national championships in my lifetime and all those teams were stacked with all American lineman. Right now Notre Dame is being dominated on both sides of the line of scrimmage. In my opinion Kelly needs to shake up his coaching staff. Booker needs to go
    for sure. Also o-line coach and Longo need to go.

  11. Teams ebb and flow but it’s those magnificent wins or losses that can mark the high water mark or swell a program ‘s pride for half a decade. When Ara beat USC 54-0 it gave the Irish and Ara a lift for five more years, beating bear Bryant was sweet, when Lou beat the miami convicts we were in the hunt for a national championship for another five years, when Weiss loss the bush push game with USC it marked his high water mark and the beginning of the end. When Kelly chose the legally questionable pick play, it was his high water mark. He had chances to redeem himself after
    Bama and fsu but he couldn’t make the sale to the team. He will go to
    Florida. And swarbrick had better start preparing for finding a saban or Meyer or a harbaugh or a chip
    Kelly to replace him. It’s the last chance for redemption. No more ten day searches to find a Knute, an Ara or a Lou.

  12. Here’s a big IF for next week. IF BK doesn’t abandon the run and IF the offense doesn’t turn the ball over, the Irish should be able to wear out e Trojans. The other big IF is whether the defense can deal with he Trojan offensive game plan. Kelly has to deny his tendency to abandon the run and BVG needs to have a game plan of his own. Another game they should win but………

  13. That was a joke zip. Its done, they are cooked. Hopefully they don’t get totally embarrassed next week and play a bowl team they can actually compete with. No more bitching, its been all said the last two weeks. No more cause we can’t call the plays, we can’t tell Zaire to go in, we can’t fire Kelly, we can’t blame a banged up defense. We can bitch, but at the end of the day that is all it amounts to. Do you think potential recruits read this site? I hope not because then we are just as at fault as Kelly. Happy Holidays and good nite.

  14. Not going silent delusional dtrain. The depleted defense did their best to keep them in the game. Went silent out of disgust. Golson is the leader of the team. They all feed off him. He was on the sideline in a coat while the defense fought their young hearts out. How bout standing and cheering the defense. Oh he had some big passes but he is certainly is no leader or motivator or the 2015 QB that takes ND to the playoffs. But Kelly will stick with him. And Kelly is being arrogant, selfish, ignorant and frigin plain stupid for not trying to spark the offense. End of story, USC will trash them. Damn gonna be chilly in Yankee Stadium again. Next year right all?

  15. Here’s the problem I have with Brian Kelly: His teams play just as sloppy if not more sloppy than any Charlie Weis team I watched. They are sloppy in every single phase of the game. Offense – sloppy as hell – turnovers galore, no push up front. Defense – sloppy as hell – missed tackles, busted coverages. Special teams – can’t snap, can’t hold, can’t kick, bobbled kick catches – just kind of an all around disaster.

    Every game I watched under Charlie Weis I watched with a sickening feeling of waiting for the next screwup. With the exception of 2012, I have watched every game under Brian Kelly with the same sickening feeling. It’s a circus on the field. You do not see elite teams with elite coaches play this way. You’ve never seen a Nick Saban coached team play this way. You’ve never seen an Urban Meyer coached team play this way. You’ve never seen a Bob Stoops coached team play this way.

    There are no excuses left. These are his guys. This is his team. This is his mess.

  16. While I have NEVER been a BK fan I don’t see putting this loss on him. The defense is decimated without Russell, Williams, Jones, Cage, Baratti, Grace, Hounshell, Counsellman, Riggs, Schmidt, Redfield ejected etc and while you can highlight “missed tackles” once again as a coaching shortcoming it is hard to stop a top 25 ranked team with so many pieces missing on defence. All those abusing EG on here in the first half “magically” seemed to go silent as he engineers great scoring drives in the second half throws for two CLUTCH touchdowns and several first downs in third and long and then caps it off with a great run for two pt conversion. In a 105 man roster we CANNOT find a guy capable of holding a football so for second week in a row we lost a game we could have won. You can’t put this one on BK. Van Gorder is playing different guys in the secondary on almost every play as he keeps losing players so hard to establish continuity. Morgan may be a great “hitter” but not too sharp on penalties for 15yds TWICE in critical situations. Next week Buck Allen will run for 300+ yds Agholor will get 200+ yds and Kessler will have a field day with whatever defense VG can cobble together. If I was Kelly I would not accept a bowl bid as the team is too banged up to bother playing Northern Illinois in the Snowcone Bowl etc Next year I would be throwing open the QB position and name who it will be in April and that would include Dekizer as well. With virtually an entire team returning and all the experience so many TRUE freshman have gotten this year we should have a genuing shot at a 11-12 win season. If Kelly loses 3 or more games then YES I would be in the line baying for his firing. We have a great receiving corps, two genuine QB prospects returning, two excellent running backs, and get Russell, Williams, Schmidt,Grace etc back on D and have a very good incoming class looking like they can contribute. This team went within one BAD call of beating last years NChamps it is not all doom and gloom guys.

  17. Before the sharp objects come out of your kitchen drawers to commence your self-inflicted cutting, let’s recognize Isaac Rochell, Greer Martini, Tarean Folston, Cole Luke, Greg Bryant and some great passes and catches in the second half. Okay, now you can go get the sharp objects out and commence.
    ND finally got one of those fortuitous tipped passes go their way on a throw-it-up to #88 and hope for the best TD. Those best of the last home game players and moments weren’t enough.
    After an ugly offensive, and I do mean offensive first half, those two consecutive Louisville critical drives after ND took the lead (20-17), with Louisville running for about ten yards per carry, running over ND for over 160 yards up the middle in about seven minutes of the second half were key to the Cardinals win. Despite two great ND D’ stands in the fourth quarter, it hurt to give up four TDs to a Frosh back-up. When pressured, he looked like a Frosh back-up, but the pressure was infrequent and lacking.
    With the game on the line, Louisville’s offense made more big plays against what has become a M.A.S.H. unit ND D’, and Louisville’s D’ made the last minute goal-line stand that preceded ND’s missed tying FG. Before we scapegoat Golson, Brindza, Niles Morgan and whomever else the fandumb blame, this was a team loss. Can they possibly have anything left in the tank for $C?
    And, of course, it matters. At least to me.

  18. Well, ranting about this isn’t going to make me feel any better. The likelihood of another 8 or worst, 7 win season, is dawning AGAIN. As a fan, this performance today leaves a bad taste. This team continues to regress and injuries/suspensions/ref calls/etc are poor excuses to justify poor play & coaching. Deflation of enthusiasm is how I would describe myself right now. The thing of it is, the losses that have occurred were games that could have been won. Some things need to change with the team/program. I don’t know precisely what those changes may all include, but, what’s happening now with this team isn’t working to produce winning results.

    Disgruntled fan

  19. This team finds ways to lose. That’s just what born losers do.

    As of now, the highlight of ND’s season was barely losing to FSU in Tallahassee. Gues what? BC just did the same win. Our signature defeat looks worse and worse evry week. Not that we should care about a loss, but hey that’s the only thing ND has going for it.

    BK has 2 games left this year. ND will more than likely lose both. This team and staff are in full meltdown mode.

    That gives BK next season. Go down like this again next season and I don’t care if they bring back Gerry Faust.

    This program is heading nowhere fast. Every mediocre seasom makes ND less and less a player on the national stage.

    I don’t care what anybody says, 12-0 was an outlyer. ND under BK is a 8-5 type team. That’s not good enough!

    1. So how does Notre Dame become Notre Dame again. The athletic department and the administration already have exactly what they want. High ticket prices. A tv contract, 700million for upgrades Revenue on licensed products. And a rabid fan base that is neither subway alums nor is among alums but who desperately follow an echo of a once great program.
      oh and they get to market Jesus to keep people thinking they deserve the money they get for the Disney world fantasy land they have created.
      Face it, until people stop patronizing the theme park, there’s no reason to worry about the present.

  20. I just think that what can go wrong will go wrong. ND is a mash unit on Defense, offensively they are regressing at the QB position and their kicker is a mess. What will be interesting is to see what team shows up next week and what shitty bowl they will play in

      1. Zippy is just drunk it is understood past 20 years you have to drink during the game not after for celebrating I am very glad by everyones comments I chose to end this season last week

  21. Keep losing boys. hey jack f swarbick fore this dumbass and pay someone whatever they want who is a “good” coach and recruiter.

  22. Well Kelly just blew the Florida job by keeping EG in. He is a genius you know! He must know something else cause reports were MZ had a very good week of practice.

    1. The guy cant handle placeholding duties and you want him in there at QB. Huge mistake by BK to replace Hunter Smith with MZ.

  23. Golson’s turnover issues continue……when does Kelly say enough and play Zaire? This is embarrassing, absolutely embarrassing. I thought Kelly might be the answer when they got him several years ago. I think it is safe to say he is not. This is his worst coaching job to date. His poor decisions last week cost them the game and he has lost this team. They will get beat by at least 20 today and at least that much next week. Maybe they will get lucky and play a mid-major team in the toilet bowl … no they will lose that one too! No leadership on this team among the players or the coaches.

  24. Golson has truly gone down the rabbit hole now. Now his hustle and effort are going by the wayside in addition to decision making. If Zaire is not playing in the second half, well, I don’t have the words. Even if Golson plays and has a good second half, it shouldn’t matter. No accountability and Golson knows it.

  25. anybody want tommy rees back?

    what is with the pass rush where everybody loops to the outside leaving nobody in the middle? you think after what the north Carolina quarterback did to them they would have retired it.

  26. Actually I am done with Kelly, mediocre is not god enough. Thanks for 2012 but 8 wins a season is not something I am interested in. Lose out and fire Kelly.

    1. I give any coach 4 years to turn things around. Kelly did that but is now digressing. It is obvious he has lost this team.I was a heavy backer on this hire. Not anymore. If ND goes 7 and 5 Kelly should resign.

  27. I said it before the game and say it again. Golson needs to sit. He is worthless in all aspects of the offense right now and it will only get worse. Kelly needs to get his head out of his ass on this. Nothing to lose with Malik. Nothing.

    1. Yes your absolutely right. I hope BK does make the change so we can all watch MZ get his ass handed to him by USC next week. Cant wait to see that.

  28. Your right Zippy. Kelly gives the ball to MZ for the second half, he sparks the team and wins it for the seniors. Why not? What is there to lose?

  29. Here we go……same ol! No defense of course were getting or at bottom of the depth chart. No running game no excuse. Golson just doesn’t seem comfortable nor showing any leadership. ND coaches should take a lesson from the Harvard staff. Very nice execution today in Boston with less superior athletes or maybe not? Looks like were going to pass all day and kick field goals. We need TD’s and learn to tackle. Cardinal FRESHMAN QB impressive. He looks like Golson back in the day?

  30. Agree with Burgundy and JDH about EGs confidence/decision-making. He must regain that next play focus we’ve seen from him for two seasons. A productive QB can only execute the next big play despite the previous miscue, and he’s made many more big plays than miscues.

    Three key changes from last week that haven’t garnered much discussion:
    1) Did Brindza’s performance last week have anything to do with a new holder ( although two of his punts were also atrocious), but righting the kicking game these next two weeks is critical. For sure, Brindza has vitally contributed to many more wins than losses. Here’s hoping ND won’t need FGs, but many PATs. Brindza’s last home game could be memorable, imprinting all the right memories for NDs outgoing kicker. Remedy that and ND winning these next two games are maximized.
    2) Speaking of Max imizing, I’m a huge fan of Tranquil’s potential; he has become the least expected overachieving surprise among incoming recruits, along with Trumbetti. I read where Tranquil gets the start over Redfield this week, too. Obviously, the staff feels he’s better now than Redfield. I hope they’re right, because the next two weeks, with all the key injuries among the front seven D’, ND will need outstanding safety play.
    3) Shumate has been demoted to 5th safety according to a recent article regarding the depth chart, bumped back by Collinsworth’s and Hardy’s return.
    4) Will ND OL starters remain unchanged ?

    Hopefully, the inexperienced albeit mobile Louisville QB is confused with coverages and/or pressure packages.
    If they establish the run, he could kill us with play-action passes or zone read keepers.

    When things go bad, calls for changes from the fandom reverberate. This week- changes are underway.
    How well those changes (or lack of them) work out become next week’s fan rants. Stay tuned.

    1. Exactly right! EG needs to have a pumpkin spice latte, listen to some John Mayer, and ignore the icky voices in his head. Or something like that.

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