Podcast: Notre Dame Football’s Race To Eleven Wins Starts Against USC

It’s rivalry week in South Bend as Notre Dame takes on USC in the greatest intersectional rivalry in college football. Notre Dame is looking to finish the season on a seven game winning streak while USC tries to win their ninth road game in a row, the last two under interim head coach Donte Williams. Embattled former USC coach Clay Helton was fired earlier this season and the Trojans enter the contest unranked at 3-3, having just lost at home for the first time ever to Utah.

On to talk about the game is USC fan Michael Muto. Michael and Greg co-host the Untitled Notre Dame USC Football podcast, which focuses on the two teams and their rivalry. Topics include:

  • Michael comparing Helton to a bad relationship that you miss once it’s over
  • The boys talking about why they need the opposing schools to be good so they are easier to hate
  • Their upcoming trip to South Bend
  • The matchups
  • Who Michael wants as the new USC head coach
  • Predictions

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  1. Fun thought: If you thought the hatred Cincy fans had for ND was already “a bit much”, wait until ND loses a game or two and screws them out of a spot in the BCS playoff.

    1. But the trend is the other way…Purdue is now ranked
      and there are still a few good teams scheduled…
      Virginia, for example.
      BGC. 77. 82

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