Podcast: Breaking Down Notre Dame Football’s Defensive and Offensive Efficiency

Since the bye week Notre Dame’s offense and defense have gone in opposite directions in terms of efficiency, and to discuss that Greg brings on Michael Bryan of 18Stripes.com to discuss those changes. Notre Dame started the season with five games post-FSU with teams that featured tough defenses and middling offenses and that has since flipped, with USC and UNC bringing their high-powered offenses to South Bend and dragging along their poor defensive units. That shift has precipitated the change in fortunes for Notre Dame’s units.

Topics include

  • Adding context to the Marcus Freeman/Clark Lea comparisons
  • Reasons for the drop in efficiency defensively
  • The offense coming alive
  • The sustainability of a Jack Coan led offense
  • The sudden surge in the offense capitalizing on their available yards
  • College football playoff discussion

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