Notre Dame – Air Force Highlights

Missed today’s 45-10 win over Air Force because of the CBS Sports Channel broadcast?  Well here are highlights from today’s game including all six Notre Dame touchdowns, Kyle Brindza’s 51 yard field goal, and a couple other big plays along the way.

If you have some time, check out the 5 Things I liked most from Notre Dame’s 6th win of the season for some more in-depth analysis of the game.

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  1. @St. Pat and BJ:

    I am not minimizing the huge importance of a solid running game. We have some killer backs waiting in the wings. However, I’m not sure why this is a complaint after the AFA game. When we ran, we average almost 4 yds / carry I think. AFA was stacking the box alot and, per their coach’s own admission, wanted to “force Tommy Rees to beat us”. Our receiver corp and TEs tower above AFA in size and talent. So BK and Co. simply stayed the course with what was working. If the opponent cannot defend the pass, why would you stop throwing the ball? Or if you like, would running touchdowns make you happier than receiving touchdowns. Or, and this question is specifically for BJ, have you ever been happy with the outcome of any game in history?

    1. me too. sorry i missed it (not my fault, cbs sucks)

      first game in years that i didn’t watch, but i’m glad it was a blow-out. a lot easier to miss a game that isn’t a close contest

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