Notre Dame vs. Wake Forest 2015 Highlights: Irish Win on Senior Day

Senior Day 2015 was not as easy as it should have been for Notre Dame with the Fighting Irish wining 28-7 over 28 point underdog Wake Forest.  The Irish struggled to run the ball outside of a record setting 98 yarder from Josh Adams and couldn’t get the passing game going against the Wake Forest.  Still, the Irish won by 21 and improved to 9-1 on the season and 6-0 inside Notre Dame Stadium to for the second perfect home slate under Brian Kelly.  We’ll have plenty more, but enjoy the highlights above courtesy of WatchND.

Josh Adams 98 Yard Touchdown Run vs. Wake Forest

Josh Adams’s record 98 yard touchdown run is worth it’s own call out as well.  Adams, just a freshman, continued to show his promise with another huge performance.

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  1. @Peter Recchio: Kelly distinguishes between “emotion” and “enthusiasm” and he is exactly correct. Emotion is extremely subjective, volatile, and varies widely between players/people because of personality. Take Kizer for example. Do you want him suddenly to come out yelling, screaming and breathing lava? He doesn’t need to. He’s perfectly fine being pro-golfer like calm, playing hard with enthusiasm, and methodically winning games. Bo Schembechler talked about how a coach can really only get a team where he wants them “emotionally” a couple games a year. There are a myriad of real world factors as to why this is true.

    ND has just come off 2 tough road games which they won. They were without their 1000-yard running back, among others. Sometimes you win a little uglier than other weeks. The same thing happened to Ohio State, Iowa, Oklahoma State etc.

    The fans out there who say “BUT I DEMAND MORE” are basically retarded and I guarantee never played a sport in college. (That last statement is not directed at you, just delusional ND fans.)

  2. Time of possession was a disgrace. We wont win again with those stats but I dont think that will
    happen. How you be that flat with what they are playing for is disturbing.

  3. Peter Recchio
    April 28, 2015 at 9:43 am

    As I’ve said before here, I’m not a Kelly fan, and therefore question if the team will rise above the 8-5 levels. I’d love to be proven wrong.

  4. A win is a win, but they gave up way too many yards and first downs. What was up with the O-line? They’ll need to prepare and play much better.


  5. Al Lesar has a very good ND piece about “emotion” in today’s “South Bend Tribune Sports”. BK has repeatedly said he wants enthusiasm not emotion. I think that is somewhat odd in a game that emotion plays such an important part. Well he got the no emotion from a team that should be jealously AND emotionally guarding its # 4 ranking in the playoff rankings. The ND ranking will also take a hit from losses by Stanford and Temple.

    With so much to lose, the team was flat, other than a few important individual performances (Adams, Smith, Day, Okwara). What was the offensive game plan? What was the defensive game plan? Poor play calling on both sides of the ball, again, contributed to a lackluster performance.

  6. Sheldon Day, Jaylon Smith and Romeo Okwara were outstanding. ND fans will miss them next season. Wake’s O’ certainly didn’t look like one of the nation’s least impressive units as their statistics suggested.Wake cashed in on their extra time to prepare, with pressure all day on Kizer, and they excelled at shutting down the run- except for that historic 98-yarder by Adams, who did well enough this game despite little help, as Wake’s front seven dominated NDs OL.

    Other than Alabama of late, too often good games are followed by mediocre ones among college teams, even among the top 15 or so. It’s become the nature of the game- and a weekly reminder about the difficulty of winning every week, even against the poorer teams . . .just this week: TCU barely beating Kansas, Michigan defeating Indiana in 2 OT, and OK. St. barely defeating Iowa St. Winning by 21 this week wasn’t equaled by #1 Clemson, whose ten point victory over an injury-ravaged Syracuse wasn’t dominant or impressive.

    Take the win, and get ready for another D’ as formidable- at least statistically- as Wake, who only beat BC 3-0. Too many yards given up by ND, with too few gained. But 28-7 are the numbers that matter. And one other number was noteworthy for this group of outgoing seniors, 21, as Eric Hansen’s piece reminds.

  7. Just a garbage performance. But wtf its still a convincing win on the scoreboard. Stanford is about to lose so that sucks.

  8. Another fine example of taking the foot of the pedal and turning in a pedestrian performance against an inferior opponent.

  9. Played like crap and that type of play won’t cut it against better opponents. Other than the win, they got out gained by Wake and we’re lucky Wake didn’t do better in their red zone opportunities. Better play better next week. Style point opportunity wasted.

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