Notre Dame Football Highlights: Irish Sustain Injuries, Beat Wake Forest 48-37

It was an ugly day weather wise in South Bend on Saturday.  The on field product matched the weather conditions for much of the day with Notre Dame surviving injury scares from Josh Adams and Brandon Wimbush in a 48-37 win over Wake Forest.  Notre Dame surrendered a season high 37 points, however, in a game that lacked style points and didn’t feel much lack the other seven Notre Dame victories this year that came in dominant fashion.  The important thing, however, was Notre Dame came out victorious while Penn State and Ohio State both lost this weekend knocking two other previous one loss teams out of the playoff hunt.

Here are the highlights which unfortunately feature no Josh Adams this week with Notre Dame’s Heisman candidate relegated to sideline duty after an early concussion scare.  Adams was ruled eligible to return, but Notre Dame played it safe.   More on this one to follow.

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  1. BW doesn’t score that first rushing TD on Miami’s D. Their LBs are too fast. BW won’t make it to the corner of the EZ on their LBs like he did against WF.

    He also better not be casual with ball security, especially close to the EZ. Their DBs and LBs will go for the strip every time.

  2. Only in CFB can a win feel almost like a loss. In the NFL, or even college BB a win is a win. But in CFB, especially with the playoffs, it seems style points are more crucial then ever. I know some say ND dominated this game, but it just doesn’t feel that way to me. The offense did score a lot of points and bailed out the team this week, but the defense seemed a bit off the entire game. Not to say they were atrocious or anything, but they seemed a out of it. My first concern was in the first half when they let the QB run in for a TD. They’ve been excellent at stopping rushing TD’s. Hopefully they refocus for the week. OSU is done, so all we have to worry about is Clemson and OK (assuming Alabama and Georgia win out to the SEC championship–which is probably a safe bet)

    1. C’mon dudes. WF knew a lot about Elko and his “D”. Yes, we played a poor second half on “D” but all things considered, some of you are overreacting.

      BGC ’77 ’82

      1. We’ll see BGC, we’ll see.

        WF without its top weapon on O went up and down the field in the second half. Not in mop up time either. Had the O not come through matching score for score no one on here would be talking about WF scoring in garbage time.

        GO IRISH!

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