Hit & Hustle: Notre Dame Football Off-Season Hot Takes

Greg and Jamie talked through some off-season hot takes for Notre Dame football as we hit the lull of the off-season when there’s almost nothing going on. They tackled some of the more pressing topics for Notre Dame heading into the 2022 season. Here’s a few of the topics discussed.

  • The fellas think USC is getting over-rated and over-hyped by the national media.
  • Jamie is buying Tyler Buchner being the best Notre Dame quarterback since 2010.
  • Notre Dame should start laying the groundwork for Dante Moore contingency plans the longer this recruitment lingers.
  • Comparing a potential Notre Dame OL class of Monroe Freeling, Charles Jagusah, Sullivan Absner, and Sam Pendelton to Notre Dame’s OL class of 2021 that included Joe Alt, Blake Fisher, and Rocco Spindler.
  • Can you win a national championship with a tight end as your best player?
  • Comparing the 2022 Notre Dame defense to the 2012 Notre Dame defense.
  • Notre Dame will end up with a top-5 class in 2023 but it might be closer to 5 than 1.
  • Jamie still thinks Notre Dame will add a receiver via the transfer portal before the season starts. He mentioned Notre Dame kicking the tires on Iowa transfer Charlie Jones who I wrote about last week.

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