Notre Dame Football Highlights: Irish Blowout #4 Clemson 35-14 in Marcus Freeman’s 1st Signature Win

Clemson vs. Notre Dame:  The Fighting Irish upset the #4 Tigers, 35-14 in South Bend.  Notre Dame not only scored on offense, but they returned both an interception and a punt back for touchdowns. Logan Diggs ran for 114 yards and Audric Estime ran for 104 yards as Notre Dame ran for 263 yards in the game. Cornerback Benjamin Morrison had two interceptions, a pass breakup, and seven total tackles in the game for the Fighting Irish. For Clemson, Will Shipley had 101 all-purpose yards and a rushing touchdown. 

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  1. Dopey Dave strikes out again, his plan a and plan B both failed big time, Dave is a clown and doesn’t know anything but the wnba .dopey don’t forget to set your clock back you loser

  2. Dopey dave, you should be hiding your idiotic self
    Your plan B watch plan, you must have been so pleased to see BK victory!!! Yeaaa
    Did you forget your ND loses prediction?
    Maybe you should quit predicting,
    Seems your ALWAYS wrong

  3. A “Who the hell are those guys!?” game, indeed.
    Haven’t seen an ND team with a better gameplan, that was better exceuted, and was more prepared to play from the get-go since the Holtz days…complete with a rumble in the tunnel at halftime.

    Punt block set the tone, and it never stopped. Gang tackling was glorious.
    O-line delivered the holes, running game gashed it.
    Running at ND long been under-Estime-d.

    God bless Pyne for being a real team player….wiggling his spaghetti arms after both his pass completions is pretty self-deprecating stuff. But lordy, he’s just not good.

    I didn’t believe that Clemson’s performances this season made them worthy of being given a Playoff 4 ranking, but there they were, with a lot on the line…..and ND took them to the woodshed. ND hasn’t been step-on-their-throat, ‘woodshed guys’ in YEARS!

    And Freeman…well, it appears he may really be growing into this job nicely. That was the gamble that will dictate the next 5 years of ND football, at least.

    Freeman has now matched every Top 10 win that Kelly had…in 12 years.
    And he did it at a lot less cost….including institutional embarrassments…. than Lyin’ Brian did.
    And by all reports, a lot more appreciatively.
    Plus, it’s real nice not to have to worry that Freeman is out interviewing for another job this morning.

    And THAT is how to sign recruits! Now finalize those sales, dude!

    1. I have great advice betting on football, see what DOPEY DAVE predicts , and just bet the opposite for a sure win. He is a clown. Find a new web site that don’t know that you post stupid stuff all the time. Go Irish

  4. My favorite part of the game was seeing the freshman QB for Clemson getting all shook up after playing two plays against Notre Dame’s defense. He couldn’t wait to get to the bench.

    What the hell happened to D.J. Uiagalelei? After the game two years ago, I thought this Uiagalelei was going to win the Heisman and lead Clemson to a national championship. After yesterday’s game, he looks like he should be benched. Clemson as a whole looks like a fallen giant. I think they are out of that conversation as a perennial contender for being a top four team in this current playoff format. (They may be Top 12 team or whatever the expansion will be).

    Hopefully ND can claim big victories over Navy and BC to set up a major showdown with SC. If everyone stays healthy, then I know ND can beat them.

    1. I always hate watching the Navy game. I understand ‘eternal gratitude’ of the game, but nothing good ever comes of it…winning is already assumed, and players can get hurt.

      SC looked VERY beatable last night. Cal offense gave them a real good scare.
      But Caleb Williams is really good. And Pyne is not.

  5. Nice win. As I look to next year Notredame needs to hit it right with a transfer quarterback. Pyne is just not good enough and there are going to be games where your quarterback has to carry you and pull out the game.

      1. Daniels just said in an interview why he transferred to LSU:
        1) he wanted to go to a ‘blue-blood’ program in the SEC, where all the best competition is.
        2) because is Brian Kelly is the winningest coach in ND history.

        Et voila. THAT’S the grift, right there. And what LSU chose — in its wisdom with taxpayer money — to pay so dearly for.

        Kelly gets to carry that around with him on the recruiting trail for the rest of his career….a completely misleading, meaningless record from the most historic institution in the sport.

        That he won nothing, lost a LOT, and often lost his effing mind doesn’t ever come up.

        And the kids down south, whose living rooms he can now walk into like royalty, know NOTHING more than that. They don’t follow ND football. Never did.
        But they have all “heard” of it.

        They don’t know that Kelly is a self-absorbed, finger-pointing, overemployed loser.
        How could he be? He’s a “winner” !!

  6. great win for ND!
    O Line was totally dominant. D. Line applied fantastic pressure and great tackling, QB sacks (except in garbage time
    they played the prevent D. I hate and let C. have a garbage TD)
    Running backs were awesome too. Special teams were truly special tonight.
    They should run the table from here and may yet finish a top 10 team after bowl win.
    USC will be the biggest test.

    1. Rhonda already does this passive-aggressive drive-by act.
      But you both being Kelly cucks, maybe you should go out.
      Maybe get into radio porn……make something of your lives.

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