Watch Brian Kelly Get Fired Up After Notre Dame’s Latest Big Win

Following Notre Dame’s impressive win over NC State this weekend, Brian Kelly had a pretty fiery message for his team in the Notre Dame locker room.  The Irish went toe to two with supposedly one of the best run defenses in all of college football and something indeed gave.  318 rushing yards later, Brian Kelly let his team know how proud he was of them.

We’ve seen a different Brian Kelly this year.  He danced around a megaphone in East Lansing.  He’s been calm on the sidelines.  He’s been getting hugs and Gatorade baths from his players on the sidelines.  In fact, outside of his snippy post game exchange following the loss to Georgia, Kelly has been almost a completely different coach than the one we saw the last few years.

Hell, maybe I should pick up yoga too?

Seriously though, it is great to see Kelly and this team not only perform the way they have been, but to watch the total reclamation project that’s gone on with Kelly over the last year it’s just been truly remarkable.  Hats off to Kelly yet again.  He’s been a different coach and he’s been getting much different results this year.

Here’s to hoping we continue to see both the new and improved Brian Kelly and a continuation of the dominating wins that the Irish have been racking up.

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  1. I’d be ‘fired up’ too, if instead of being unemployed I was still making his money and remained just as bad at my job.

    1. “….Kelly has been almost a completely different coach than the one we saw the last few years…..”

      Abject failure, compounded with some administrative criticism, and seasoned with a soupcon of panic, can do that.

  2. Great comments! All spot on. Something different about this team that is unlike 2012. Certainly not similar to 2002 and 2006. This team is confident and it’s not smoke and mirrors or luck. It’s lining up and outplaying good teams. Those teams couldn’t compete with the elite. This team already has. Long way to go, but here’s to “so far”. Go Irish!


  4. No doubt Notre Dame is very good. 4 more tough games against very good opponents. I think the whole key for me is how well Winbush develops in the passing game .If he keeps improving I like Notredames chances regardless the opponent.

  5. Let’s slow down a bit. Not get into hype and look as the IRISH have been, and that’s game to game. Are we electrical, oh yes
    . Keep there heads up and make sure that we play to make sure you made a mistake putting the “IRISH” on the menu, at this point it is not about them, it’s about you, as a team as a member of a team that was lost 40 days and 40 nights…. It’s about the man next to you, behind you and in front of you. ALL OF YOU CAME HERE FOR A REASON AND STRAIGHT IN FRONT, ONE GAME, One team at a time you have it…. IT IS UP TO YOU TO MAKE SURE THEY KNOW THEY GOT RAN OVER BY THE GREATEST UNIVERSITY IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL… THE GREATEST TURN AROUND IN COLLEGE EVER. WE ARE THE FIGHTING IRISH… MAKE YOURSELF PROUD

  6. Sorry, but I don’t think Kelly hardly at all. He seems happier because they’re winning. He made some tremendous personnel changes off season and is now reaping the benefits. Go Irish!

  7. Last line: “SOMETHING GAVE!” Criticizing the past is fruitless. But I use it as a reference. Last year’s D did too much “giving” to the enemies. This year? We’re takers. I have some personal problems with being a taker. I’m a Catholic. I give. But this is different, folks. TAKE THE DAMN VICTORIES!

  8. Yes, I have to admit BK’s attitude is much different this year. I give a lot of credit to the assistants, particularly Elko and Long, but BK seems a different man this year. I noted before you don’t see him on TV as much this year because he’s not out there throwing tantrums. The players seem to believe in him and that’s important for a team. I’m still cautious when it comes to BK because old habits die hard. But I’ll give him credit for recognizing he was a big part of he problem last year and trying to fix it, including going outside the family for new assistants, relinquishing control of the offense, overhauling strength and conditioning and being more engaged with all of his players, which they obviously warmed to. And there are no selfish players on this team. They want to do well for each other. From Adams dismissal of Heisman talk in favor of seeing his team do well, to Wimbush conversely supporting his teammate for the Heisman.

    Right now they almost remind me of a family unit. They want to win for the team. And BK is almost like their dad and they want to play well for him too and enjoy that he’s taking pride in them.

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