Notre Dame Football’s Top 10 Jump Ball Catches of All-Time

After a little hiatus, we have some fresh new NDTop10 videos from the folks at WatchND.  This time it’s the top 10 jump ball catches in program history. (See all of the NDTop10 lists here)

  1. Deshone Kizer to Chris Brown for the TD at Fenway Park in 2015
  2. Brady Quinn to Rhema McKnight for the 32-yard score in Notre Dame’s epic comeback against Michigan State in 2006
  3. Steve Beuerlein launching one to the endzone that Milt Johnson comes down with it 1986
  4. Adrian Jarrell off the ricochet against Michigan State in 1990
  5. Chase Claypool with one of his countless jump ball grabs from a year ago – this one for the score against Stanford.
  6. Terry Hanratty down the center of the field to Jim Seymour in 1966
  7. Chris Finke Moss-ing two Michigan defenders in the endzone for the TD in 2018
  8. Terry Andrysiak forcing one into Tim Brown that the Heisman winner hauls in for the TD
  9. Derrick Mayes tipping the ball to himself for the touchdown against Florida State in the Orange Bowl
  10. Golden Tate somehow pulling in a Hail Mary at the end of the first half against Washington State for a touchdown.

Before anyone brings up Miles Boykin against LSU, that play was included in the top 10 clutch touchdown catches of all-time, and none of these videos have featured plays that have been repeated.

Golden Tate’s crazy grab versus Washington State gets forgotten because the game itself was a laugher and the season was reasonably forgettable too, but from a difficulty prospect, damn was that a hell of a catch.

Derrick Mayes’s tip to himself is another play that doesn’t get remembered like it should since Notre Dame ended up losing the game, but that too was a ridiculous catch.  Speaking of Mayes, his leaping grab in the back of the endzone against Michigan could have been included here.

Jeff Samardzija’s jump ball score against USC is another honorable mention play here.  Even though Notre Dame lost the game, that play is what started to turn the tide in the second half to Notre Dame in a position to have the lead as late in the game as they did in the first place.

Last thought here.  No one would have been upset to see Chris Finke‘s insane touchdown against Michigan ranked higher.  Like the Tate catch, from a degree of difficulty perspective, the play was some sorcery from Finke.


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  1. First of all, how is Mo Stovall not in here at all!? He had several but the one handed against Navy was unreal! The Adrian Jarrell catch wasn’t even a jump ball so Mo should have taken this spot!

    When I think of the best jump ball catches, I think of a receiver catching the ball at it’s highest point with a defender also jumping and attempting to knock down or catch the pass at the same time. Chris Finke’s catch, while still amazing, was not technically a high point and he caught it in the breadbasket. He benefitted from really bad defensive effort from Michigan’s DBs. But again, still was an amazing catch and I was fortunate to be there live to see that one!

    So based on that, I think that 1 should remain Tate, 2 should be Tim Brown, and 3 Rhema McKnight. Golden Tate may have the strongest hands I’ve ever seen from an ND receiver. Not only was he able to catch the ball at it’s highest point but it was amongst 3 defenders all either with their hands on the ball or pulling at his arms and he was STILL able to tuck the ball on the way down for the TD. WOW! I remember he used to catch those curl routes with a defender draped all over him smacking at his arms at the time of the catch and he wouldn’t even tuck the ball, he would just grip it in his hands with his arms extended to keep the ball away from the defender and would somehow hold on. Tim Brown’s catch was pretty amazing too high pointing it in double coverage and Rhema catching his on one of Brady Quinn’s best TD throws in his career in my opinion. This was a fun one to watch!

      1. Probably your weakest burn I’ve seen you post on this site LOL! Cmon Ron Burgundy, try harder!! You’ve got better than that!

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